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Trivia Questions For Seniors

Easy seniors trivia quiz questions with answers for older adults.


Trivia Questions For Seniors

Which character is the most famous creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs?
A: Tarzan.

Which state is called the Bear State?
A: Arkansas.

Who played Emma Peel in the 90s film version of The Avengers?
A: Uma Thurman.

Which Michael starred in Doc Hollywood?
A: J Fox.

What is the capital of the state of Louisiana?
A: Baton Rouge.

Which veteran pop singer has the first names Roderick David?
A: Rod Stewart.


What came after The Brady in the sitcom title?
A: Bunch.

What did teenager Anne Frank leave behind that was published after her death?
A: Diary.

Who had a 60s No 1 with Stop In the Name Of Love?
A: Supremes.

Who liked Richard Burton so much that she married him twice?
A: Elizabeth Taylor.

In which decade did people last get the chance to see Halley's comet?
A: 1980s.

At what time of year did Eddie Cochran get the blues?
A: Summer time.


In football, where do the 1990s Titans come from?
A: Tennessee.

Who was younger when they became President, Clinton or Kennedy?
A: Kennedy.

The novel Airport was a best seller for which author?
A: Arthur Haily.

Which female sang the Bond theme to Goldeneye?
A: Tina Turner.

Golfer Bernhard Langer comes from which country?
A: Germany.

The D Day landings took place in which country?
A: France.


Who was the first man to fly in space?
A: Yuri Gagarin.

In which decade of the 20th century was Chevy Chase born?
A: 1940s.

What is the postal abbreviation for Missouri?
A: MO.

Who was Bill Clinton's first Vice President?
A: AL Gore.

Which Box gave Mariah Carey a multi-million album success?
A: Music.

Which Bruce declared he was Born In The USA?
A: Springsteen.

Oakland international airport is in which state?
A: California.