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Free TV Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers for Seniors - Old TV Show Trivia

Free long old TV show trivia quiz questions with answers - Great for Seniors


Seniors TV Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers Classic TV Show Trivia

What was the name of the detective played by David Cassidy in David Cassidy - Man Undercover?
A: Dan Shay.

What was the first weekly series to star a black actor?
A: Paris.

Which future husband of Demi Moore found fame in Moonlighting?
A: Bruce Willis.

In the Dick Van Dyke Show, in which suburb did the Petrie family live?
A: New Rochelle.

Who was the captain of the Enterprise on the pilot episode of Star Trek?
A: Christopher Pike.

Who introduced the very first Gunsmoke episode?
A: John Wayne.

How may thirty somethings were there in the original drama series?
A: Seven.


What was reputedly President Reagan's favorite TV show in the late 1980s?
A: Family Ties.

Fish was a spin-off from which series?
A: Barney Miller.

What was Cade's County?
A: Madrid County.

In Holmes & Yoyo, what was Yoyo's full name?
A: Gregory Yoyonovich.

Which multi Oscar winner appeared in early episodes of Family Ties?
A: David Soul.

In Moonlighting, what was Maddy's profession before becoming a detective?
A: Model.

What type of car did Frank Cannon drive?
A: Lincoln Continental.


Which family lived in the Little House on the Prairie?
A: The Ingalls.

Who was the main character of One Day At A Time played by Bonnie Franklin?
A: Ann Romano.

At which hospital was ER's creator a medical student?
A: Massachusetts General.

The actor who played Jack Geller in Friends was once married to which superstar?
A: Elliott Gould married Barbra Streisand.

What is Marie Osmond's first name?
A: Olive.

In what year was Babylon 5 set?
A: 2258 A.D.

Who was Lucille Ball's second husband who appeared with her in The Lucy Show?
A: Gary Morton.


What was the first name of offbeat detective Columbo?
A: Philip.

Which megastar's voice was the absent Robin Masters in Magnum PI?
A: Orson Wells.

In which mythical town was Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman set?
A: Fernwood Ohio.

What was the first video seen on MTV?
A: Video Killed The Radio Star - Buggles.

The cast of Cheers appeared in character to celebrate whose 60th birthday screened in November 1988?
A: Mickey Mouse.

Who played the Fatman in Jake and the Fatman?
A: William Conrad.

Which movie superstar played Vinnie Barbarino in the 70s comedy Welcome Back Kotter?
A: John Travolta.


The Gemini Man was a remake of which sci fi series?
A: H. G. Wells' The Invisible Man.

Which character in The X Files is the name of a mystery person implicated in the Water gate affair?
A: Deep. Throat.

In Hart To Hart, what was the name of Jonathan and Jennifer's dog?
A: Freeway.

Where in Wisconsin was Picket Fences set?
A: Rome.

Who first hosted Password?
A: Allen Ludden.

Who created the cop series Cagney & Lacey?
A: Barbara Corday.

What was the football team in Coach?
A: Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles.


What was the longest-running cop show on American TV?
A: Hawaii Five O.

What was the name of the first million-dollar winner on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
A: John Carpenter.

Which Oscar-winning actress played Sydney's mother in VR5?
A: Louise Fletcher.

How many Monkees were there?
A: Four.

Which Executive Producer of Cagney & Lacy married one of its stars?
A: Barney Rozenweig.


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