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Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers for Older Adults

Free fun old TV trivia quiz with answers for older adults and seniors.


Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers for Older Adults

What was the name of the physician in The Incredible Hulk?
A: Dr. David Banner.

In 1949 approximately how many TV sets were there in the USA?
A: One million.

What were the bears called in Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch?
A: Hair, Square, Bubi.

Who played Bernice in the pilot show of Fish?
A: Doris Belack.

Who won the Best Comedy Emmy in 1993,1994, and 1995?
A: Kelsey Grammer.

What was the name of the Girl from U.N.C.L.E.?
A: April Dancer.

Who appeared in My Favorite Martian and The Courtship of Eddie's Father?
A: Bill Bixby.


Rich Man Poor Man was screened as part of which series?
A: Best Sellers.

In Happy Days, what was Fonzie's full name?
A: Arthur Fonzarelli.

According to the AC Nielson Company, how long is a period of prime-time TV?
A: Three hours.

In which year did the first major talk show hosted by a black woman premiere?
A: 1986.

What was Mickey Rooney's first sitcom where he was not called Mickey?
A: One Of The Boys.

What was Bill Cosby's first TV show?
A: I Spy.

The Marcus Nelson Murders was a pilot episode for a show introducing which detective?
A: Kojack.


Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis's first ever show was hosted by whom?
A: Ed Sullivan.

On which night of the week was Bonanza screened for 14 years?
A: Sunday.

What was Aaron Spelling's first comedy back in 1977?
A: The Love Boat.

In which city was Laverne and Shirley first set?
A: Milwaukee.

Who sponsored the series FBI?
A: Ford.

Who was the voice of Gomez in Hanna and Barbera's TV cartoons based on The Addams Family?
A: John Astin.

Which singer was first choice for Columbo but felt the schedule would have interfered too much with his golf?
A: Bing Crosby.


What was the first US drama series shown on UK TV?
A: Dragnet.

Which female police officer was one of Ironside's regular colleagues?
A: Eve Whitfield.

Which TV and movie actor played Dr.. Phillip Chandler in St. Elsewhere?
A: Denzel Washington.

What was the first police series to have a mainly female audience?
A: Cagney & Lacey.

Which cartoon series was a spin off from Happy Days?
A: The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang.

What was Gene Roddenberry's profession before working in TV?
A: Airline pilot.

What was the name of the bar in Ace Crawford Private Eye?
A: The Shanty.


Which sitcom star played Cagney in the pilot of "Cagney & Lacey?
A: Loretta Swit.

Which police drama was based on a pilot show called Who Killed Miss USA?
A: McCloud.

On which network did The Lone Ranger debut?

Who was the boss of Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?
A: Mr. Waverly.

What was the name of the real Boston bar which was the front for the bar in cheers?
A: the Bull and Finch.

In the first series of Rhoda, what was Rhoda's last name?
A: Morgenstern.

Who was the first TV voice of Barney Rubble and Cosmo C Spacely?
A: Mel Blanc.

Who played Nick Knight in the pilot of the series?
A: Rick Wakeman.

In Police Squad, who was the only female victim to be killed off in the opening credit sequence?
A: Florence Henderson.

Bruce Jenner, who stood in for Erik Estrada in Chips, was a champion in which sport?
A: Decathlon.

What did DSV stand for in the 90s series with Roy Scheider?
A: Deep Submergence Vehicle.


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