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Easy Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers For Seniors - Free Printable Trivia

Free fun miscellaneous senior trivia quiz questions with answers


Easy Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers For Seniors

What item, essential for world travel, is made in Seattle?
A: Jet planes.

What entertainment consists of people singing to a backing tape?
A: Karaoke.

What color are the stars on the United States of America flag?
A: White.

What used to go round at thirty three and a third r.p.m.?
A: Long-playing records.

Who was Diana Prince able to change into?
A: Wonder woman.

Which Ford first mass-produced the car?
A: Henry.

Which anti-impotence treatment became the 90s  fastest-selling prescription drug?
A: Viagra.


Lourdes Maria is what relation to Madonna?
A: Daughter.

Which Frankie sang about Venus in the 50s?
A: Avalon.

The Heisman Trophy is presented in which sport.
A: Football.

Which Christmas record was the world's most-bought single before Candle In the Wind?
A: White Christmas.

What was the last name of flight pioneers Orville and Wilbur?
A: Wright.

What kind of codes did American supermarkets introduce in the mid 70s?
A: Bar codes.

Which solo singer with a single name accompanied Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams on All For Love?
A: Sting.


In which year did Bill and Hillary Clinton get married?
A: 1975.

Who had a 70s No 1 with Knock Three Times?

Who was born first, Kim Basinger or Melanie Griffith?
A: Kim Basinger.

Who had a 90s hit with The Shoop Shoop Song?
A: Cher.

In which city was Marco Polo airport built?
A: Venice.

EuroDisney was built in which country?
A: France.

In 1993 which op artist changed his name to a symbol?
A: Prince.

Yitzhak Rabin was Prime Minister of which country when he was assassinated in 1995?
A: Israel.


What sort of transport is a Kayak?
A: Canoe.

Which animal name was given to the terrorist Carlos who was tried in 1997?
A: The Jackal.

How did Frances Gumm become known on stage?
A: Judy Garland.

Who was President during WWI?
A: Woodrow Wilson.

Which Justin set the 98 British Open alight as an amateur?
A: Rose.

In 1990 Lithuania declared its independence from what?

How are the Motion Picture Academy Awards also known?
A: Oscars.


What is the postal abbreviation for Vermont?
A: VT.

Who was Allied Supreme Commander in Europe in 1944?
A: Dwight D Eisenhower.

Thelonious Monk was associated with which musical instrument?
A: Piano.

What is the main color of the UN flag?
A: Blue.

Under what name did sharp-tongued Joan Molinksy become famous?
A: Joan Rivers.

Who was born first, Chevy Chase or Nicolas Cage?
A: Chevy Chase.

Was Abbott or Costello born in the 20th century?
A: Costello.


In which decade of the 20th century was Glenn Close born?
A: 1940s.

What type of cat introduced MGM movies?
A: Lion.

T. E. Lawrence's name is mostly associated with which country?
A: Arabia.

Who had a 50s No 1 with Poor Little Fool?
A: Ricky Nelson.

Which Janet had a 1990 NO 1 with Escapade?
A: Jackson.

Which military title did Elvis's manage Rom Parker assume?
A: Colonel.

In which branch of the arts did Dame Alicia Markova find fame?
A: Ballet.

P W Botha was prime minister of which country?
A: South Africa.