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Love Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About Love

Free fun love trivia quiz with answers.


Love Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About Love

Love Trivia Quiz - Free Printable Quiz Questions With Answers

In what 1970 film does Ali MacGraw say "I want you to be a merry widower"?
A: Love Story.

Ingrid Bergman made one movie twice, first in Swedish and then in English for her Hollywood debut. What was the title of the movie?
A: Intermezzo: A Love Story.

What was the name of the New York nightclub that Ricky Ricardo was bandleader and emcee of?
A: Tropicana Club.

In Indiscreet, what actress said, "How dare he make love to me and not be a married man"?
A: Ingrid Bergman talking about Cary Grant in the film.

What Walt Disney animated film was hyped as "The most beautiful love story ever told"?
A: Beauty and the Beast.

The quote "Love means never having to say you're sorry" comes from what movie?
A: Love Story.

What was the first TV sitcom to hit Number one in the Nielsen ratings?
A: I Love Lucy.


What movie made by Woody Allen was the first one where neither he nor one of his real-life romantic partners appeared?
A: Bullets Over Broadway in 1994.

Who won an Oscar for playing Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love?
A: Judi Dench.

Which war was it that GI's were hearing over the radio "Bart Simpson is making love to your wife"?
A: The Persian Gulf War.

What planetary body was named after the Roman goddess of love?
A: Venus.

"The English may not like music, but they absolutely love the noise it makes" was a quote from what conductor?
A: Thomas Beecham.

Courtney Love stomped off stage after a fan of her deceased husband threw what at her feet?
A: A shotgun shell.

Aaron Spelling's first comedy back in 1977 was what?
A: Love Boat.

On his car sticker, in Sledge Hammer, what did the Inspector have on his car sticker?
A: I Love Violence.


In the 1950s the Bob Commings Show was a revamp of what TV series with the same star?
A: Love That Bob.

What was the name of the CD that the TV talk show host John Tesh made?
A: Romantic Christmas.

How long did it take after DH Lawrence wrote Lady Chatterley's Lover for it to be published?
A: 32 years.

Who took Dreamlover  to a number one on the chart in 1993?
A: Mariah Carey.

Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas are lovers in what movie?
A: Philadelphia.

Winston Churchill proposed marriage to what famous actress?
A: Ethel Barrymore.

In the 1950s who received 500 marriage proposals and helped increase sales of Geritol by 40 percent?
A: Charles Van Doren.


Michael Jackson was visiting what romantic city when his daughter was conceived?
A: Paris.

What are love handles?
A: Love handles are deposits of excess fat at the sides of a person's waistline

What is love sickness?
A: Love sickness is an affliction that describes negative feelings associated with the absence of a loved one.

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