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Trivia about famous and infamous people.


Trivia Quiz

Armani designs under what label?
A. Emporio.

Which American commander took six attempts to reach the North Pole, finally reaching it in 1909?
A: Robert F. Peary.

Boris Becker's oldest son has what Biblical name?
A: Noah.

In 1997, the New York Times signed up who to write weekly column?
A. The Duchess of York

Who is Julian Lennon's step-mother?
A: Yoko Ono.

Director Blake Edwards married what singer?
A: Julie Andrews.

What was the first name of the U.S. President that had the Teddy Bear named after him?
A: Theodore.


What famous singer/actress once said, "Some women get excited about nothing -  and then they marry him?
A: Cher.

Which rock star did Cindy Crawford name her first son after?
A: Presley.

In what country was Picasso born?
A: Spain.

What did Albert Einstein publish in 1915?
A: General Theory of Relativity.

Mary Robinson was replaced as president of Ireland in 1997 by whom?
A: Mary McAleese.

Which white house resident's book was a best seller in the late 80s?
A: Millie the dog.

led India to overthrow British rule by what means?
A: non-violent.


Tallulah Bankhead's best-known stage role was as Regina in what?
A: The Little Foxes.

Manuel Noriega was born on exactly the same day as what singer?
A: Gene Vincent.

Who overthrew the emperor in China establishing a republic after 2000 years of imperial rule?
A: Sun Yat Sen.

Mussolini led the government in Italy in the 20s and later became its what?
 A: Dictator.

In 1985, who was elected Senator for Tennessee?
A: Al Gore.

Baseball player Steve Sax was born on the same day as  what high diving athlete?
A: Greg Louganis.


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