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People trivia quiz questions with answers.


People Trivia

The music for An American In Paris was written by whom?
A:  George Gershwin.

In 1996,  who did Paris Match hire as a writer?
A:  The Duchess of York.

In what state was Leonardo DiCaprio born?
A: California

Billie Holiday's life was immortalized in what movie?
A: Lady Sings the Blues.

In the 50s, who was the longest serving US President?
A: Dwight D Eisenhower.

The best easy trivia quiz questions with answers can be found where?
A: Trivia Playing!


Who was born first, Woody Harrelson or Tom Hanks?
A: Tom Hanks.

Brooklyn Beckham is the son of which Spice Girl?
A: Victoria.

Woody Allen was born on exactly the same day as which popular singer?
A: Singer Lou Rawls.

Reports of a relationship with model Donna Rice ended the presidential campaign of what Senator?
A: Gary Hart.

How many times did Richard Burton marry Elizabeth Taylor?
A: Twice.

Who is the oldest, Jay Osmond  or Donny Osmond?
A: Jay.


When Glenn Miller's airplane went missing, where was it headed?
 A: Paris.

Who was famous for his goldwynisms?
A: Sam Goldwyn.

Who George H. Bush referred to drawing "a line in the sand" about what?
A: The Gulf War.

In Mary Poppins, Julie Andrew's first film' she played the part of a what?
A: Nanny.

EX-Funny Girl Barbra Streisand starred with Nick Nolte in what movie?
A: The Prince of Tides?

What US President had a wife named Pat and a daughter named Tricia?
A:  Richard Nixon.

What was the first name of jazz singer Ms Fitzgerald?
A: Ella.

The driver of the car in which Princess Diana died was of what nationality?
A: French.

Michael Collins was an astronaut on which Apollo?
A: Apollo 11.