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Trivia Quiz Questions About People

Trivia quiz questions with answers about people.


Trivia Quiz Questions About People

Catherine Deneuve and Marie Hevlin both married what photographer?
A: David Bailey.

Who was the Jake La Motta, Bronx Bull, was defeated by whom in 1951?
A: Sugar Ray Robinson.

What was the name of America's second astronaut to venture out into space?
A: M Scott Carpenter.

Joe Louis retired as world Heavyweight champion in March 1949 at what age?
A:  34.

Bessie Smith was born in what city?
A: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Clifford Irving admitted that his "autobiography" of who was a hoax?
A: Howard Hughes.


What was Malcolm X's real last name?
A: Little.

If Diane Keaton's had used her father's last name instead of her mother's , what would her last name be?
A: Hall

Little Mo was how old when she first won Wimbledon?
A: 17.

Martina Navratilova competed officially as an American rather than a Czech player in what year?
 A: 1981.

The first Oscars were presented by what famous actor?
A: Douglas Fairbanks.

Marie Osmond has a husband and how many children?
A:  Seven

What famous actress launched her own perfume called White Diamonds?
A: Elizabeth Taylor.


Calvin Klein graduated from where in 1962?
A: New York's Fashion Institute of Technology.

Karol Wojtyla was the real name of the Pope who succeeded what Pope?
A: John Paul I.

At Louis B Mayer's funeral who said, "The only reason people showed up was to make sure he was dead?"
A: Sam Goldwin

Yves St. Laurent became whose assistant at the age of 17?
A: Christian Dior's.

Who Ralph Lauren was described by what magazine as "the first image maker"?
A: by New York Magazine.

In 1974, after appearing with the New York City Ballet, who joined the American Ballet Theater?
 A: Gelsey Kirkland.

Kenneth Starr was the independent prosecutor in what presidents affairs?
 A: Bill Clinton.


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