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Questions And Answers About Funny, Silly, Dumb, Humorous Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free funny trivia quiz questions regarding funny things, people, places including dumb laws and dumb criminals and politicians.


Questions And Answers About Funny, Silly, Dumb, Humorous Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

In USA of A, every 12 seconds someone does what in a Holiday Inn?
A:  Steals a towel

What were Chihuahua dogs originally bred for?
A:  Tasty meat

It was illegal for women to wear what in 19th century Florence?
A:  Buttons

In Tennessee it is illegal to drive if you are what?
A:  Asleep

What theologian claimed he could drive away the devil with a fart?
A:  Martin Luther


In Papua New Guinea,  what is the leading cause of death?
A:  Falling out of Trees

In St Louis Missouri its illegal for a fireman to rescue who?
A:  Undressed women full dress only

Which magazine declared bankruptcy in the early 1990s?
A:  Success

What do vegetarians do more than carnivore / omnivores?
A: Fart

What safety device did cars built in Bennington have in the 1920s?
A:  A Saint Christopher medal


What was banned in Indonesia for stimulating passion?
A: Hula Hoops

In 1926 why did Japan delete 800,000 feet from US films?
A: They showed Kissing

In what European city can you be jailed for not killing furry caterpillars?
A:  Brussels

Hugh Hefner's jet plane was named what?
A:  Big Bunny

What creatures it is illegal to maltreat in Maryland?
A: Oysters

If you are wearing a Swimsuit in Florida in public, what is illegal for you to do?
A:  Sing


In California it is illegal to do what in a hotel room?
A:  Peel an Onion

Playing what Randy Newman song on the radio is illegal in Maryland?
A: Short People

In Wyoming in June it is illegal to take a picture of what?
A:  A Rabbit

What is it illegal to do in Israel on a Saturday?
A: Pick Your Nose

In North Carolina it's illegal to do what?
A: Sing out of Tune


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