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Fun Trivia Questions With Answers About Wine and Beer

Free fun printable beer and wine Trivia questions with answers


What does it mean when wine is Petilent?
A:  Slightly sparkling

What company produces Olympia beer?
A:  Miller

A goat represents  what beer?
A:  Bocks Beer

Which country consumes the most wine per capita
A: Luxemburg

What is used to flavor Kriek Belgian beer?
A:  Cherries

What word fits both an Asian gecko and a sweet European wine?
A:  Tokay

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson , and Sam Adams all did what?
A:  Brewed their own beer

Pulque is a beer made out of what?
A:  Cactus

During Elizabethan times in England what was Lift leg , Dragons Milk,  and Angel food names for?
A:  Beer

What English brewery has the oldest patent on beer?
A:  Bass Ale

There are how many gallons of ale in a Pin?
A:  4.5 gallons

Cru  is a French word meaning growth and is applied to top quality whats?
A: Wines


What English brand of sherry is considered the King  of desert wines?
A:  Harvey's Bristol Cream

What is Australia's Barossa valley known for?
A:  Wine production

What nations wine might be labeled DOCG?
A:  Italy

What German word is printed on the labels of high quality wine?
A:  Kabinett

Which English speaking country consumes most table wine per capita?
A:  Australia

In medieval wine measurement there are two buts to a what?
A:  Tun

If the right pitch is reached, you can shatter a what?
A: wine glass