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Interesting Animal Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free animal quiz questions with the answers.


Animal Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What insect has 12,000 eyes?
A:  A Butterfly

What is the more commonly used name for  Musca Domestica, which  can cause disease in man?
A:The common housefly.

The animal with the Latin name Cricetus-cricutus  is more commonly known as a what?
 A:  Hamster

In North Africa a mouflon is a wild what?
A:  Sheep

What animal sport is only legal in 16 States?
A:  Greyhound Racing

What do the Cassowary Kakapo and the Kagu have in common?
A: Both are flightless birds

In Brookings South Dakota, its illegal for a cat to live where?
A:  In a dog house if there is a dog there.


A newborn bactrian camel has how many humps?
A:  None

A howdah is typically found where?
A:  On the back of an elephant -it's a basket

Cats are feline, cows are bovine, what are eagles?
A: Aquiline

Which animal has a name that comes from the Sanskrit "to steal"?
A: The mouse.

What is the name for the length of a hawks legs from thigh to foot in falconry?
A:  It's an Arm

What kind of an animal is a lurcher?
A: A dog.


According to a popular fable, who sold a cow for five beans?
A:  Jack

What types of animals are Grevys and Burchells ?
A:  Zebras

What type of animal comes in both spotted and striped varieties?
A:  Skunk

What was Bugs Bunny's original name?
A:  Happy Rabbit

What kind of a snake builds a nest?
A:  King Cobra

On the TV show Frazier, what was the dads dogs name?
A:  Eddie

What part of a sleeping person do vampire bats prefer to bite?
A: The toe

All commercially bred turkeys are what?
A:  Artificially Inseminated

What is a baby rabbit called?
A:  Kit or Kitten


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