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Trivia Questions and Answers About Miscellaneous Animals

Animal trivia quiz with questions and answers about miscellaneous animals.


Animal Trivia Questions and Answers

What does an Ictheologists study?
A:  Fish.

What kind of insect lives in a formicarium?
A:  Ant.

Roy Rogers dog, now stuffed, is named what?
A:  Bullet.

What is a bandy bandy?
A:  A Snake.

What type of creature pollinates malacophilous plants?
A:  Snails.

What animal provided the hairs used  in making tooth brushes before 1938?
A:  Beaver.

What kind of creatures are blombergs, oak ,and fire bellied?
A:  Types of Toads.


What animals evidence is admissible in a court of law?
A:  A Bloodhound.

In ancient times, who owned a dog called Peritus?
A: Alexander the Great.

What is a group of owls called?
A:  Parliament.

What type of animal would you find in a form?
A:  Hare.

In the fable "The Hare and the Tortoise",  what kind of animal judges the race?
A:  The Fox.

The correct name for a Hawaiian Goose is what?
A:  Nene.

What kind of animal is it illegal to provide beer to in Natchez Missouri?
A: An elephant.


What is the fastest animal raced for sport?
A:  Pigeon.

What kind of insect can live up to one year without eating?
A: Bedbug.

The asteroidea are which order of creatures?
A:  Starfish.

What was the first animal to be put on the endangered species list?
A:  Peregrine Falcon

What was the name of the hummingbird in Disney's Pocahontas?
A:  Flit.

If a bird nidifies what did it do?
A:  Built a nest.

What insect can smell a virgin of the same species from 1.8 miles away?
A:  Gypsy Moth.


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