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Movie Trivia For Seniors

Free seniors movie trivia questions and answers.


Movie Trivia For Seniors

What was John Huston's last film titled?
A:  The Dead.

Which actor received the best actor award for the character Charlie Allnut?
A:  Bogart - The African Queen 1951

Richard Attenborough's film Cry Freedom was about who?
A:  Steve Biko

Josephine Hull won the best supporting actress Oscar for which 1950 movie?
A: Harvey

The first film to use stereophonic sound was what?
A:  Disney's Fantasia

Before acting,  Clark Gable had what job?
A: Telephone Repairman.

What was Disney's first movie to win an Academy Award?
A: Flowers and Trees.


What was the last black and white film to win Oscar?
A:  The Apartment,  1960 Jack Lemon -  best film.

The actor Bruce Willis began his career doing commercials for what product?
A: Doctor Pepper.

In "Revenge of the Creature", in  1955, who made his film debut as Jennings?
A:  Clint Eastwood.

In the film industry what job does the Gaffer do?
A:  Chief Electrician.

What was actress  Carol Lombard's real name?
A: Joan Peters

In Casablanca what was Bogart's characters name?
A:  Rick Blain

In the film "Jumping Jack Flash" what is Jack's code key?
A:  B Flat.


The actor born Krishna Bhanji became better known as who?
A: Ben Kingsley.

Who was supposed to play Indiana Jones but dropped out?
A:  Tom Selleck.

Albert Finney turned down what role?
A: Laurence of Arabia.

In 1985, after 50 years acting, who was presented an honorary Oscar?
A: James Stuart.

In Casablanca what is the name of the nightclub?
A:  Rick's.


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