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Nature Trivia Quiz Questions

Free fun trivia quiz questions and answers about nature and natural events


Nature Trivia Quiz Questions

What precious stone has a name that  literally means "blue rock"?
A: Lapis Lazuli

To attract pollinators, Rafflesia flowers smell like what?
A: Rotting Meat.

Ingrid Marie and Blushing Golden are varieties of what?
A: Apples.

What is the sweetener saccharin made from?
A: Coal Tar.

Somali, Balinese and Abyssinian are breeds of what kind of animal?
A: Cat.


What is vermicide used for?
A: Killing worms.

Five tons of what are mined annually?
A: Diamonds.

The most roses are grown where?
A: Texas.

A dandelion seed ball is called a what?
A: Clock.

What has been called the most unnatural of all perversions?
A: Celibacy.


What is a Cattalo?
A: Buffalo and cow cross.

What kind of tree is Britain's most commonly planted?
A: Sitka Spruce.

What kind of full moon follows a harvest moon?
A: Hunters Moon.

Bernard Lavery of Wales, in October of 1992, grew an 18lb 3oz what?
A: Brussels Sprout.

An arenaceous plant is grown in what type of soil?
A: Sandy.

What are Grenadier, Idared and Ellison's Orange varieties of?
A: Apples.


In seafaring terms what is a hummock?
A: Ice broken from an iceberg.

Garlic and Chives belong to which plant family?
A: Lilly.

Two thirds of the worlds "what", are found in Yellowstone Park?
A: Geysers.

What type of flower has the most species?
A: Orchid.

On average, how much do the ashes weigh from a cremation?
A: Nine pounds.

What are Fire bellied, Spadefoot, and Midwife types?
A: Toads.

What is marlite?
A: It’s a clay lime mulch.


In food labeling what does GM stand for?
A: Genetically Modified.

What can never be seen at noon?
A: A rainbow because the sun must be 40 deg or less.

Mount Teide is the highest mountain in what nation?
A: Spain it's on Tenerife.

Which desert is the world's oldest ?
A: Namib.

The Black sea is sometimes called the what?
A: Euxine Sea.

Generally cornflowers are what color?
A: Blue.

Anthesis means what in relation to plants?
A: Blooming.


To which island group does Majorca belong?
A: Balearic Islands.

Vanilla is part of which plant family?
A: Orchids.

Proportionately to his body, what animal has the largest brain?
A: The Ant.


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