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Trivia Questions and Answers About the State of Kansas

Trivia quiz questions about Kansas with answers.


Trivia Questions and Answers About the State of Kansas

Where did the state of Kansas get its name from?
A:  It is named after the Kansa Native American tribe.

What are the residents of Kansas called?
A:  "Kansans."

Dodge City was built along the old what?
A: Santa Fe Trail route.

On January 29, 1861, Kansas became a U.S. State and entered the Union  as a what?
A: Free state.

The first European to explore what is now Kansas was who?
A: Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, in 1541.

 What was the first permanent white settlement in the future Kansas?
A: Fort Leavenworth.

The city of Abilene was the boyhood home of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and was a trailhead for what trail?
A: The Chisholm Trail.


After the Civil War many African Americans looked to Kansas as the land of "John Brown" and began establishing what?
A: Black colonies in the state.

Where did Wild Bill Hickok serve as a deputy marshal?
A: At Fort Riley.

Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp both were lawmen in what wild west city in Kansas?
A: Dodge City.

How many head of cattle from Texas were put on trains in Dodge City headed east in one year?
A: 8 million.

What was the nickname for Dodge City?
A:  "Queen of the Cowtowns."

In 1881 Kansas was the first state to adopt a constitutional amendment prohibiting what?
A: Alcoholic beverages.

What is the name of the smallest incorporated city in Kansas with a population of 5?
A:  Freeport.


Kansas is bordered by what state on the north?
A: Nebraska.

What was the all-time low temperature ever recorded in Kansas?
A: −40 °F on February 13, 1905, near Lebanon.

Which state borders Kansas on the south?
A: Oklahoma.

The city of Hutchinson has the world's largest and longest what?
A: Wheat elevator.

 Which U.S. State borders Kansas on the west?
A:  Colorado.

How many counties does the state of Kansas have?
A: 105.

How many cities does Kansas have?
A:  628.


In Smith County near Lebanon in Kansas is the geographic center of what?
A:  The 48 contiguous states .

 In what county is the geographic center of Kansas located?
A: Barton County.

What is the average elevation in Kansas?
A:  2,000 feet.

What river creates nearly 75 miles of the Kansas border?
A: The Missouri River.

From  January 1, 1950 through October 31, 2006, Kansas reported more what than any other state except for Texas?
A:  Tornadoes.

 Per year, how many tornadoes does  Kansas average?
A: Over 50.

 What is the all-time highest temperature ever recorded in Kansas?
A:  121 °F on July 24, 1936, near Alton.


As of 2013, what is the estimated population of Kansas?
A:  2,893,957.

What is the population density of Kansas?
A: 52.9 people per square mile.

The Wichita metropolitan area is home to how many people?
A: Over 600,000 people.

What is the largest city in Kansas  as far as land area and population?
A: Wichita.

The city of Hutchinson was built on one of the world's largest what?
A: Salt deposits.

What city was the site of the deadliest tornado in Kansas history, taking place on May 25, 1955, and killing 80 people?
A: Udall.

Which US state borders Kansas on the east?
A:  Missouri.

For the first time in the history of professional baseball, what was played in Independence on April 28, 1930?
A: The first night game.

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