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South Carolina Trivia Quiz - US States Trivia Quizzes With Answers

State of South Carolina trivia quiz questions with answers.


South Carolina Trivia Quiz - US States Trivia Quizzes With Answers

South Carolina is bordered to the north by what state?
A: North Carolina.

What body of water forms the eastern border of South Carolina?
A: The Atlantic Ocean.

South Carolina was the first state to ratify what document?
A: The Articles of Confederation.

South Carolina was the 8th state to ratify what document on May 23, 1788?
A: The United States Constitution.

South Carolina later became the first state to vote to do what?
A: Secede from the Union.

On what date was South Carolina readmitted to the Union?
A:  June 25, 1868.

How many counties does South Carolina have?
A: 46.


What city is the capital of South Carolina?
A: Columbia.

What is South Carolina's highest point?
A:  Sassafras Mountain, at 3,560 feet .

On the border between South Carolina and Georgia, lies the  Chattooga River which is a favorite destination for what activity?
A: Whitewater rafting.

Earthquakes do happen in South Carolina, which averages 10–15 earthquakes a year below what magnitude?
A:  3.

What was the name of the largest earth quake to hit the Southeastern United States?
A: The Charleston Earthquake of 1886.

The Charleston Earthquake of 1886 had a 7.2 magnitude and killed how many people?
A:  60.

What is the highest ever recorded temperature in South Carolina?
A:  113 °F in Johnston and Columbia on June 29, 2012.


What is the lowest ever recorded temperature in South Carolina?
A: −19 °F at Caesars Head on January 21, 1985.

South Carolina is sometimes affected by tropical cyclones which is of concern during what season?
A: Hurricane.

How many days of thunderstorms does South Carolina usually average  per annum?
A: Around 50 days.

How many tornadoes does South Carolina experience per year on average?
A:  About 14 tornadoes per year.

Slaves imported from rice-growing regions of Africa created the dams and canals used to irrigate the South Carolina what?
A:  Fields of rice.

The cultivation and processing a blue flowering plant, Indigo, became an important commodity crop for what?
A:  The dyeing of textiles.

What type of labor was necessary for the economic success of the rice and indigo crops in South Carolina?
A:  Slave.


After 1708, what group of people made up a majority of the population of South Carolina?
A: Slaves.

 South Carolina was the 8th state to ratify what, on May 23, 1788?
A: The United States Constitution.

The American Revolution disrupted slavery in the South, and thousands of slaves fled to British authorities to obtain what?
A: Freedom.

Many of the slaves that escaped during the Revolutionary war left with who in the last days of the war?
A: The British.

By 1800, South Carolina had the largest population of what type of people in the country?
A:  Jews.

In 1856, what Democrat South Carolina congressman, in the United States Senate chamber beat Republican Senator Charles Sumner with his metal tipped cane?
A: Preston Brooks.

What began on April 12, 1861, when the Confederate batteries began shelling Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor?
A: The American Civil War.


The South Carolina troops suffered how many military deaths during the Civil War, almost one-third of the white male population of fighting age?
A: 18,666.

In 2011, where did South Carolina rank in the rate of women who were killed by men?
A: Number 1.

South Carolina became the last US state to remove what flag, from over its statehouse?
A: Confederate flag.

In 2014, how was South Carolina rated in terms of public cleanliness ?
A: America's worst state.

According to the Census Bureau the population of South Carolina on July 1, 2012, was how many people?
A:  4,723,723.

How many passenger routes in South Carolina does Amtrak operate?
A: Four.  The Crescent, the Palmetto, the Silver Meteor, and the Silver Star.

By passenger volume, the busiest airport in South Carolina is what?
A:  Charleston International Airport.


The College of Charleston, founded in 1770 is the oldest institution of higher learning in South Carolina,  and the first what in the country?
A: Municipal college.

Furman University is a private, coeducational, non-sectarian, liberal arts university in Greenville and is the largest what in South Carolina?
A: Private institution.

Where is South Carolina ranked for overall health care compared with the other US States?
A:  South Carolina is ranked 33rd out of the 50 states.

South Carolina is the only state in the union that has mandatory videotaping by the arresting officer of any what?
A:  DUI arrests and breath tests.

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