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Wisconsin Trivia Quiz - Free Printable Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers


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Trivia Quizzes With Answers

Free trivia quiz with 63 questions about the state of Wisconsin.


Trivia Quizzes With Answers About The U.S. state of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is bordered by what US State to the west?
A: Minnesota.

What is the lowest recorded temperature for Wisconsin?
A: −55 °F in the village of Couderay on both February 2 and 4, 1996.

What state borders Wisconsin to the southwest?
A:  Iowa.

What is the Wisconsin State Dance?
A: Polka.

What percentage of Wisconsin's land area is covered by forest?
A: 46%.

What is the Wisconsin State Nickname?
A: Badger State.

Which U.S. state borders Wisconsin to the south?
A: Illinois.


What is the Wisconsin State Rock?
A: Red granite.

During the Civil War, how many soldiers from the state of Wisconsin fought for the Union?
A: 91,000.

What is the Wisconsin State Beverage?
A: Milk.

Which body of water  borders Wisconsin to the east?
A: Lake Michigan.

What is the Wisconsin State Mineral?
A: Galena.

What American state borders Wisconsin to the northeast?
A: Michigan.

What is the Wisconsin State Fruit?
A: Cranberry.


Which body of water borders Wisconsin to the north?
A: and Lake Superior.

Where does the state of Wisconsin rank compared to the other states in size?
A: 23rd by total area.

What is the state capital of Wisconsin?
A:  Madison.

The lure of easy wealth drew immigrants from throughout the U.S. and Europe to the mineral deposits in Wisconsin. What type of mineral was attracting them?
A: Lead.

What is the Wisconsin State Tree?
A: Sugar maple.

The state of Wisconsin has more country music "what" than any other state?
A:  Festivals.

What is Wisconsin's biggest city?
A: Milwaukee.


On the western shore of which lake is Milwaukee  located?
A:  Lake Michigan.

What is the Wisconsin State Song?
A: "On, Wisconsin!".

How many counties does the state of Wisconsin have?
A: 72.

The state of Wisconsin is second to what other US state in the length of its coastline on the Great Lakes?
A: Michigan.

Why is the state of Wisconsin known as "America's Dairy land"?
A: Because it is one of the nation's leading dairy producers.

What is the Wisconsin State Motto?
A: Forward.

The first people to  arrive, around 10,000 BCE, arrived during the Wisconsin what?
A: Glaciation.


 In early times, in what is now Wisconsin, Paleo-Indians hunted ice age animals like the what?
A: Mastodon.

What is the Wisconsin State Insect?
A: European honey bee.

The first European to visit what would eventually be Wisconsin was most likely what French explorer?
A: Jean Nicolet.

In 1783, after the Revolutionary War, what did Wisconsin become?
A: A territorial possession of the United States.

What is the Wisconsin State Grain?
A: Corn.

Wisconsin was a free state from its inception, and became a center of northern what?
A: Abolitionism.

What is the Wisconsin State Bird?
A: Robin.


University of Wisconsin economics professors John R. Commons and Harold Groves helped Wisconsin create the first "what" in the United States in 1932.
A: Unemployment compensation program.

What is the Wisconsin State Fossil?
A: Trilobite.

In Wisconsin, what is the highest temperature recorded?
A:  114 °F in Wisconsin Dells, on July 13, 1936.

The Census Bureau estimated the population of Wisconsin to be how many people  on July 1, 2013?
A: 5,742,713.

What is the Wisconsin State Dog?
A: American water spaniel.

In what four cities does 86% of Wisconsin's African-American population live in?
A:  Milwaukee, Racine, Beloit, Kenosha.

Tammy Baldwin from Madison Wisconsin was the first openly what?
A: Lesbian U.S. Representative.


Tammy Baldwin was the first openly what?
A: Gay Senator.

 In what year did Gwen Moore  became Wisconsin's first African-American U.S. Representative?
A: In 2004 .

What is the Wisconsin State Flower?
A: Wood violet.

What is the Wisconsin State Animal?
A: Badger.

Wisconsin is home to the Located in Wisconsin, what is the name of the world's oldest operational racetrack?
A: The Milwaukee Mile.

Wisconsin leads the country in cheese production, producing what percentage of the nations cheese?
A: About one quarter.

What is the Wisconsin State Fish?
A: Muskellunge.


The state of Wisconsin is second in milk production, after what other US state?
A: California.

How much of the country's butter does  Wisconsin produce?
A:  About one-quarter.

What is the Wisconsin State Domesticated Animal?
A: Dairy cow.

Wisconsin  grows over half the national crop of cranberries,  and 97% of the nation's what?
A: Ginseng.

The state of Wisconsin is the only one that treats a first offense  drunk driving as a traffic violation and not a what?
A: Misdemeanor?

Hunting is popular in Wisconsin, and one of the most prevalent game animals is the what?
A: Whitetail deer.

How many deer hunting licenses are sold per annum in the state of Wisconsin?
A:  Over 600,000.


What is the Wisconsin State Wild Animal?
A: White-tailed deer.

In what three sports is Wisconsin is represented by major league teams?
A: Football, baseball, and basketball.

To what team is Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin home to?
A:  Green Bay Packers .

 The Green Bay Packers have won how many NFL championships?
A: 13.

In what year did the Milwaukee Brewers win the American League Championship?
A: in 1982.

Where do the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA play home games?
A: At the Bradley Center.

In what year did the Bucks win the NBA Championship?
A: In 1971.


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