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Jane Fonda Trivia Questions With Answers

Jane Fonda trivia quiz questions with answers.


Jane Fonda Trivia Questions With Answers

What is Jane Fonda's birth name?
A: Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda.

What video did Jane release that became the highest-selling video of the time?
A: Jane Fonda's Workout.

On what date was Jane Fonda born?
A: December 21, 1937.

In the year 2005, Jane, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem co-founded the what?
A:  Women's Media Center.

Fonda two BAFTA Awards for what two movies?
A:  Julia and The China Syndrome.

Jane's recurring role in the HBO drama series " The Newsroom" has earned her two what?
A: Emmy Award nominations.

Who was Jane Fonda's mother?
A: Canadian-born socialite Frances Ford Brokaw, née Seymour.


Where was Jane Fonda born?
A: New York City, New York, U.S.

In what play did Jane Fonda make her Broadway debut?
A: There Was a Little Girl.

Jane Fonda describes herself as a what?
A: Feminist.

Jane received the first Tony Award nomination for what play?
A: There Was a Little Girl.

Jane dropped out of Vassar, and traveled to Paris for two years to do what?
A: Study art.

What did Jane teach at Fire Island Pines, New York at the age of 15?
A: Dance.

Jane's stage work in the late 1950s laid the foundation for what?
A: Her film career in the 1960s.


How many exercise videos did Jane release between 2010 and 2012?
A: Five.

In 1960, Fonda made her screen debut in what movie?
A: Tall Story.

Fonda became interested in acting while appearing in a charity performance of what?
A: The Country Girl, at the Omaha Community Playhouse.

Who was Jane Fonda's first husband?
A:  Director Roger Vadim.

Who was Jane named after?
A: The third wife of Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, a distant relative.

How many times was Jane nominated for an Academy Award?
A: Seven.

For what film was Fonda's first nomination for?
A:  They Shoot Horses, Don't They (1969).


Jane won two Best Actress Oscars in the 1970s for what two movies?
A: Klute (1971) and Coming Home (1978).

Jane won an Emmy Award for what 1984 TV film
A:  The Dollmaker.

What did Jane Fonda release in 1982?
A: Her first exercise video, Jane Fonda's Workout.

After divorcing Tom Hayden, who did she marry?
A: Billionaire media mogul Ted Turner in 1991.

What year did Jane Fonda divorce Ted Turner?
A: In 2001.

Jane's first film in 15 years was what?
A: The 2005 comedy Monster in Law.

In 2009, after a 45 year absence, Fonda returned to Broadway, in what play?
A:  33 Variations.


The play 33 Variations earned her what award nomination?
A: A Tony Award nomination.

In what year did Jane publish an autobiography?
A: In 2005.

Who was Jane Fonda's father?
A: Henry Fonda the actor.

What is Jane's brother's name?
A: Peter Fonda.

What age was Jane when her mother committed suicide?
A: 12.

After Jane's mother committed suicide, who did her father marry?
A: Susan Blanchard.

Before Jane became an actress, she was a model, gracing the cover of what magazine twice?
A: Vogue.


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