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Katy Perry Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Katy Perry trivia questions with answers.


Katy Perry Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What is Katy Perry's birth name?
A: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

Guinness World Records recognized Perry in its 2010 edition as the what?
A:  "Best Start on the U.S. Digital Chart by a Female Artist".

On what date was Katy Perry born?
A: October 25, 1984.

Where was Katy Perry born?
A: Santa Barbara, California, U.S.

AS of October 2014, what is Katy Perry's estimated net worth?
A: U.S. $44 million.

In what year did Katy Perry marry Russell Brand?
A:  2010.

In what year did Katy Perry and Russell Brand get divorced?
A:  2012.


In 2003, Katy briefly performed as Katheryn Perry to avoid confusion with what actress?
A:  Kate Hudson.

What is the name of Katy Perry's uncle?
A: Frank Perry.

Perry released her first single with Capitol, "I Kissed a Girl", as the lead single from what album?
A: One of the Boys.

In September 2004, what did Blender name Perry?
A: "The Next Big Thing".

When did Katy release "California Gurls" featuring rapper Snoop Dogg?
A: May 7, 2010.

What is Katy's brother's name?
A: David Hudson.

Who are Katy Perry's parents?
A:  Pentecostal pastors Maurice Keith Hudson and Mary Christine Perry.


What is the name of Katy Perry's older sister?
A: Angela.

When did Katy Perry and Russell Brand become engaged?
A: On December 31, 2009, while vacationing in Rajasthan, India.

Katy appeared as herself during a photo shoot on The Young and the Restless for the show's what?
A: Magazine Restless Style.

From ages 3 to 11, Perry often moved across the country as her parents did what?
A: Set up churches.

Katy  primarily listened to gospel music, because secular music was  what?
A: Discouraged in the family's home.

Perry got her first guitar for what birthday?
A: Her 13th birthday.

Aw what age did Katy complete her General Educational Development (GED) requirements?
A: At age 15.


Katy Perry briefly studied what at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara?
A: Italian opera .

Perry recorded her debut album, a gospel record titled Katy Hudson which was released on what date?
A:  March 6, 2001.

Perry's debut album was commercially unsuccessful, selling an estimated how many copies?
A:  200 copies.

At the age of 17, Katy moved to Los Angeles and started writing songs with who?
A: Producer Glen Ballard.

Katy adopted the stage name Katy Perry, using her mother's what?
A: Maiden name.

Perry provided backing vocals on what Mick Jagger song which won the 2005 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song?
A: "Old Habits Die Hard".

Dr. Luke co-wrote the songs "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot n Cold"  with Katy for her second album titled what?
A: One of the Boys.


Katy made a cameo appearance as a club singer in what Wildfire episode?
A:  "Life's Too Short".

One of the Boys, released on June 17, reached number what on the U.S. Billboard 200?
A: Nine.

What was Perry's first headlining world tour?
A: The Hello Katy Tour.

On July 22, 2009, Katy recorded a live album with what title?
A:  MTV Unplugged.

Who did Katy meet in the summer of 2009 while filming a cameo appearance in the film "Get Him to the Greek"?
A: Her future husband Russell Brand.

On January 5, Katy was named the what by Nielsen Sound Scan?
A: Sixth best-selling digital artist in the United States.

In February 2011, Katy made a guest appearance on what TV show?
A: How I Met Your Mother.


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