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Modern Family Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Modern Family trivia questions with answers.


Modern Family Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Who created the TV show Modern Family?
A: Christopher Lloyd.

When did Modern Family premier?
A: September 23, 2009

In the show, the fictional characters frequently talk directly into what?
A: The camera.

Modern family follows the lives of who?
A: Jay Pritchett and his family.

The series was conceived when Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan were sharing stories of what?
A: Their own families.

How many viewers watched the premier on September 23, 2009?
A: 12.6 million viewers.

Modern Family was named as a key holder for the what?
A: 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.


Modern Family has won what award in each of the past five years?
A: The Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Modern Family was the tenth-highest revenue-generating show for 2012, earning how much money per episode?
A:  $2.13 million an episode.

On what date was the series renewed for its sixth season?
A: On May 8, 2014.

On what date did the sixth season premiere?
A: On September 24, 2014.

The creators pitched it to the Big Three television networks and which network accepted the series and picked it up for a full season?

Modern Family quickly became a what for the American Broadcasting Company?
A: Priority.

The pilot episode for the series tested high with focus groups, resulting in the network ordering how many episodes?
A: 16.


On what date was the series given a full season pickup?
A: On October 8, 2009.

On January 12, 2010, ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson announced what?
A: That Modern Family had been renewed for a second season.

On what date was a third season ordered by ABC?
A: January 10, 2011.

 Modern Family was picked up for syndication by USA during the fourth season for how much money?
A:  $1.5 million.

How many fox Affiliates picked up the show during the second season?
A: 10.

Most of the filming takes place where?
A: In Los Angeles.

In what neighborhood is the Dunphys' house located?
A:  In the Cheviot Hills neighborhood.


As of 2014, what high school is used for the exteriors of Luke and Manny's school?
A: Palisades Charter High School.

Who are the executive producers of Modern Family?
A: Lloyd and Levitan.

In the first season, how much money was the "adult" cast paid?
A:  Approximately $30,000 to $90,000 per episode.

As of July 28, 2012 the five adult casts' salaries on Modern Family were increased from $55,000/$65,000 per episode to how much money per episode?
A:  $150,000–$175,000.

The family patriarch, Jay, is married to who?
A: Gloria (Sofía Vergara).

Who is Jay’s daughter married to on the show?
A: Phil Dunphy.

Jay's son Mitchell and his husband Cameron adopted a daughter from what country?
A: Vietnam.


What famous actor appeared during the second and fifth season as Cameron and Mitchell's friend Pepper Saltzman?
A: Nathan Lane.

The first season was met with critical acclaim receiving a Metacritic score of what?
A: 86 out of 100.

Entertainment Weekly gave Modern Family an A-, calling it what?
A:  "immediately recognizable as the best new sitcom of the fall".

Out of four possible stars, how many did Robert Bianco of USA Today give the second season?
A: Four.

During its second season, Adweek declared the show what?
A: One of the 100 Most Influential TV Shows.

None of the main characters in the sitcom Modern Family works in what industry?
A: The entertainment industry.


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