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Nicki Minaj Trivia Questions and Answers

Free Nicki Minaj trivia quiz questions with answers.


Nicki Minaj Trivia Questions and Answers

What is Nicki Minaj’s birth name?
A: Onika Tanya Maraj.

When was Nicki Minaj born?
A: December 8, 1982

Where was Nicki Minaj born?
A: Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago.

Who are Nicki’s parents?
A:  Carol and Robert Maraj.

How many siblings does Minaj have?
A: Three.

Nicki’s, father is a financial executive and part-time what?
A: Gospel singer.

Minaj’s mother held a variety of jobs, including accounting clerk, foreign-exchange teller and what?
A: Gospel singer.


Minaj's father was addicted to alcohol and other drugs and attempted to kill her mother by doing what?
A: Setting fire to their house.

Minaj lived with her grandmother in Saint James until she was how old?
A: Five.

What elementary schools did Nicki attend?
A:  PS 45 (the Clarence Witherspoon School) and Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School 210.

In middle school what instrument did she play?
A: Clarinet.

What high school did Minaj graduate from?
A: LaGuardia High School, which focuses on music and the visual and performing arts.

In the drama program, Nicki was planning on singing at LaGuardia but lost her “what" the day of the audition?
A: Voice.

Minaj wanted to become an actress, and was cast in what Off-Broadway play in 2001?
A: In Case You Forget.


Minaj's acting career failed to take off, so at age 19 she worked as a waitress at what restaurant?
A: Red Lobster in the Bronx.

Minaj was fired because of her what?
A: Discourtesy to customers.

On what date did Minaj release her first mixtape, Playtime is Over, on Dirty Money Records?
A: On July 5, 2007.

In 2008 Minaj was named what at the 2008 Underground Music Awards?
A: Female Artist of the Year.

On what date did Nicki release her third mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty?
A: On April 18, 2009.

Minaj was featured on Mariah Carey's "Up Out My Face", which reached what number  on the Billboard Hot 100?
A: 100.

Who featured Minaj on "Shakin' It 4 Daddy" and included her in several live performances?
A: Robin Thicke.


Minaj was invited to join Rihanna's Last Girl on Earth Tour in April, but Nicki declined in order to finish what?
A: Her album.

When Nicki’s "Your Love" was released as the album's lead single it peaked at what number on the Billboard Hot 100?
A: 14.

In September Minaj joined the judges' panel for the twelfth season of what?
A:  American Idol.

In October, Minaj was the first female solo artist to have how many songs on the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously?
A: Seven.

Pink Friday was released on November 19, debuting at what on the Billboard 200?
A: Number two.

On December 05, Minaj was nominated for what two categories at the 2015 Grammy Awards?
A: Best Rap Song and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

According to Minaj, who is one of her two major influences?
A: Rapper Jay-Z.

Minaj has endorsed what products?
A:  Adidas, MAC Cosmetics and Pepsi.

Nicki has won how many American Music Awards?
A: Four.

How many BET Awards has Nicki Minaj won?
A: Eight.


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