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Bill Haley & His Comets Music Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Bill Haley & the Comets trivia quiz questions with answers


Bill Haley & His Comets Music Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What was Bill Haley & His Comets?
A: It was an American rock and roll band.

When was it founded?
A: 1952.

The band lasted until what?
A:  Haley's death in 1981.

The band was the earliest group of white musicians to bring rock and roll to the attention of whom?
A: White America and the rest of the world.

From late 1954 to late 1956, the group placed how many singles in the Top 20?
A: Nine.

Bandleader Bill Haley had previously been a what?
A: Country music performer.

After recording “what" he changed musical direction to a new sound which came to be called rock and roll?
A: A country and western-styled version of "Rocket 88", a rhythm and blues song.


Although several members of the Comets became famous, Bill Haley remained what?
A: The star.

In the mid-40s, Bill Haley formed a group called the what?
A: Four Aces of Western Swing.

The group that later became the Comets initially formed as what?
A: Bill Haley and the Saddlemen c. 19491952.

The Saddlemen performed mostly what?
A: Country and western songs, though occasionally with a bluesy feel.

During those years Haley was considered one of the top cowboy what?
A: Yodelers in America.

Many Saddlemen recordings would not be released until when?
A: The 70s and 80s.

Who were the original members of the Saddlemen?
A: Haley, pianist and accordion player Johnny Grande and steel guitarist Billy Williamson.


Al Thompson was the group's first what?
A: Bass player, followed by Al Rex and Marshall Lytle.

It soon became apparent to the Saddlemen that a new name was needed to fit their new what?
A: Musical style.

A friend of Haley's, making note of the common alternative pronunciation of the name Halley's Comet to rhyme with Bailey, suggested that Haley call his band the what?
A: Comets.

When was the new name was adopted?
A: In the fall of 1952.

Who were the members of the group at that time?
A: Haley, Grande, Williamson and Lytle.

Grande usually played piano on record, but switched to what for live shows?
A: An accordion.

Soon after renaming the band, who did Haley hire?
A: His first drummer, Charlie Higler.


Higler was soon replaced by whom?
A: Dick Boccelli (a.k.a. Dick Richards).

In 1953 Haley scored his first national success with an original song called what?
A: "Crazy Man, Crazy".

"Crazy Man, Crazy" was the first “what" to be televised nationally in 1953?
A: Rock and roll song.

In 1954, Haley and His Comets left Essex for New York-based what?
A: Decca Records.

Their first session, on April 12, 1954, yielded what song?
A: "Rock Around the Clock".

Rock Around the Clock would go on to become Haley's what?
A: Biggest hit, and one of the most important records in rock and roll history.

Sales of "Rock Around the Clock" started slowly, due to it being relegated to what?
A: The B-side of the single.


In March 1955, the group had what four songs in Cash Box magazines top 50 songs?
A:  "Dim, Dim the Lights, (I Want Some Atmosphere)", "Birth of the Boogie", "Mambo Rock", and "Shake, Rattle and Roll".

The success of "Rock Around the Clock" is attributed to its use in the soundtrack of what movie?
A:  Blackboard Jungle.


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