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Yosemite Sam Trivia Questions with Answers

Cartoon trivia quiz questions about the cartoon series Yosemite Sam.


Yosemite Sam Trivia Questions with Answers

What is Yosemite Sam?
A:  Yosemite Sam is an American animated cartoon character.

Yosemite Sam is one of the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons produced by whom?
A: Warner Bros. Animation.

During the Golden Age of American animation, how many shorts did Yosemite Sam appear in?
A:  33 shorts.

Animator Friz Freleng introduced the character in what 1945 cartoon?
A: Hare Trigger.

With his fiery, irascible temper, short stature and fiery red hair, he was almost an alter-ego of whom?
A: Freleng.

The animator often denied any intentional what?
A: Resemblance.

Yosemite Sam was so short than in a gag in Hare Trigger, a train he is attempting to rob does what?
A: Passes right over top of him.


In another scene he has to use what to get on his horse?
A: A set of portable stairs.

What does Sam ride in "Bugs Bunny Rides Again"?
A: He rides a miniature horse.

Freleng created Yosemite Sam to be a more worthy adversary for who?
A:  Bugs Bunny.

Until then, Bugs' major foe had been whom?
A:  Elmer Fudd.

Elmer was so mild-mannered and dim-witted that Freleng worried about Bugs coming off as a what?
A: A bully by duping him.

Sam was extremely violent and belligerent, and not at all like who?
A:  Elmer Fudd.

For over 19 years, except for what one cartoon, Freleng's unit had exclusive usage of Sam at the Warner studio?
A: Hare-Abian Nights in 1959.


Though officially a cowboy, Freleng put Sam in a different costume in what?
A: In almost every film: a knight, a Roman legionary, a pirate, a royal cook, and on and on.

Some countries seem to prefer his pirate incarnation, as "Sam the pirate" is his official name in what country?
A: France.

Despite Sam's bluster, he isn't much smarter than Elmer in his encounters with whom?
A: Bugs.

Whenever Yosemite Sam is preparing to shoot Bugs, what does he tell him?
A:  "Now say your prayers!", allowing Bugs enough time to foil his intentions.

In Captain Hareblower, Yosemite Sam is a what?
A: A pirate captain who is able to intimidate and scare sailors and other pirates.

What is Yosemite Sam in Sahara Hare?
A: He is a proud intimidating North African version of a cowboy; a Riff-Raffer who owns the Sahara Desert.

In Roman Legion-Hare, Yosemite Sam is the what?
A: Captain of the Roman Imperial Guard.


What is he is ordered to do by the Grand Emperor Nero?
A: To find a victim for the lions at once, or else he will be their prey.

In Prince Varmint, what is Sam?
A: A Viking grunt who attempts to raid the archduchy castle, which happens to be under Bugs Bunny's protection.

What is Sam in "Horse Hare"?
A: Yosemite Sam is the chief of an Indian tribe during the Indian-American wars in 1866.

In Piker's Peak, Sam is a legendary what?
A: Mountain climber.

In the cartoon Wild and Woolly Hare, Yosemite Sam is a legendary what?
A: Cowboy gangster who dominates much of the wild west through intimidation.

In the short, Lighter Than Hare, Yosemite Sam of Outer Space is a what?
A: An alien from a foreign planet.

Yosemite Sam was a what in Rabbitson Crusoe?
A: Yosemite Sam is a sailor whose boat has sank in a thunderstorm.


Sam was the star of his own comic book series from when to when?
A: 1970 to 1984, for a total of 81 issues.

What was the official title of the series?
A: It was Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny.

Sam makes a cameo appearance in what hit movie?
A:  Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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