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Music Questions and Answers

Free fun trivia questions with answers about music.


Music Questions and Answers

Who was the youngest person to have a chart-topping solo single, in 1970?
A: Michael Jackson.

What German playwright penned the lyrics to Mack the Knife and Alabama Song?
A: Bertholt Brecht.

What's indicated by the word fine on a piece of sheet music?
A: The end.

What grungeless Seattle band's name is affectionately abbreviated "Pot USA"?
A: The Presidents of the United States.

What question ends the Ira Gershwin lines: "I got rhythm / I got music / I got my man..."?
A: "Who could ask for anything more?".

What calypso singer founded the USA For Africa charity that recorded We Are the World?
A: Harry Belafonte.


What group's lead guitar player is known for his guitar amps with control knobs that go up to 11, "one more than 10"?
A: Spinal Tap's.

What was the best-selling album named after a city, in the 1970s?
A: Boston.

What fellow Floridian did Jon Secada write and sing back-up for before going solo?
A: Gloria Estefan.

What song includes the lines: "I've lived a life that's full / I traveled each and ev'ry highway..."?
A: My Way.

What Beatles song advises: "One thing I can tell you is you got to be free"?
A: Come Together.

What TV host went gold with the CD Romantic Christmas?
A: John Tesh.


What seven words complete the Purple Haze line: "Actin' funny, but I don't know why"?
A: "Scuse me while I kiss the sky".

Who adorned his last piano with 350 pounds of rhinestones?
A: Liberace.

What did Melissa Etheridge title her first album after coming out of the closet?
A: Yes I Am.

How many singles did Bruce Springsteen put atop Billboard charts in the 1980s?
A: Zero.

What crooner's mother warned him not to change his name to Frankie Satin?
A: Frank Snatra's.

Who sold part of his ownership of Beatles songs to Sony for $95 million in 1995?
A: Michael Jackson.


Who's responsible for the LPs Shamrocks and Champagne, Bubbles in the Wine and Pick-a-Polka?
A: Lawrence Welk.

Who did Chuck Berry say "could play a guitar just like ringing a bell"?
A: Johnny B. Goode.

What classical conductor won posthumous Grammy Awards in 1991,1992, and 1993?
A: Leonard Bernstein.

What singer for a '70s British rock quartet changed his name from Frederick Bulsara?
A: Freddie Mercury.

What British duo's works are referred to as the Savoy Operas?
A: Gilbert & Sullivan's.

What rock group is immortalized on Butt-head's T-shirt?
A: AC /  DC.

What stringed symphonic instrument has a pedestal and a crown?
A: The harp.

Who were Benn, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frida?

What rock group's only beardless member is Frank Beard?
A: ZZ Top's.




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