Classic Movie Trivia Questions - Good for Seniors Memories!

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Classic Movie Trivia Questions - Good for Seniors Memories!

Free fun printable classic movie trivia quiz questions with answers that are wonderful for seniors and the elderly


What 1975 blockbuster sees Roy Scheider utter: "We need a bigger boat"?
A: Jaws.

What screen character has played opposite Maud Adams, Claudine Anger, Kim Basinger, Britt Eklund and Ursula Andress?
A: James Bond.

What Adam Sandler comedy featured Bob Barker's screen debut?
A: Happy Gilmore.

Whose earnings increased from $150,000 for Pulp Fiction to $3.5 million for Get Shorty to $7 million for Broken Arrow?
A: John Travolta's.

What statuesque actress earned a living by standing still in department store windows prior to her film debut in Tootsie?
A: Geena Davis.

What movie's first victim was played by a skinny-dipping actress named Susan Backlinie?
A: Jaws.

Who was the first female to direct a movie that raked in over $100 million?
A: Penny Marshall.

What movie has Bob Hoskins seething: "A toon killed my brother"?
A: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

What movie gave Julie Andrews the chance to portray a man?
A: Victor/Victoria.

What 1996 movie was hyped with the line: "It Will Blow Audiences Right Out of the Theater"?
A: Twister.

What movie did Mel Brooks say he wishes he'd never made, as he then became overly concerned with filling theater seats?
A: Blazing Saddles.

What Pulp Fiction star once served as Bill Cosby's stand-in on The Cosby Show?
A: Samuel L. Jackson.

What one city must a movie play in to be eligible for an Oscar?
A: Los Angeles.

What model appeared topless on the self-penned 1993 novel Pirate?
A: Fabio.

What movie has Anjelica Huston coo to Raul Julia: "You frightened me. Do it again"?
A: The Addams Family.

Who shared a room and bed with Eli Wallach while filming The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?
A: Clint Eastwood.

What two-word term does The Cynic's Dictionary call: "A movie seen about 50 times by about that many people"?
A: Cult film.

What 1995 blockbuster movie was created by the computer animation company Pixar?
A: Toy Story:

What did the shortstop become in Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First" routine when censors objected to "I don't give a damn"?
A: "I don't care".

What movie theme was Barbra Streisand's first chart-topping single?
A: They Way We Were.

What actor sighed: "If I had known Michael was going to be so successful, I would have been much nicer to him when he was young"?
A: Kirk Douglas.

What title role in a 1995 Oscar-winning movie was played by more than 40 cast members?
A: Babe.

What Caddyshack star spent two years as an assistant greens supervisor?
A: Bill Murray.

What Oscar-winning actress made her final appearance in the movie Nobody's Fool?
A: Jessica Tandy.

Who had a thick-gummed best friend named Bubba Blue?
A: Forrest Gump.

How many hubcaps does Steve McQueen's car lose in the famed chase scene from Bullitt?
A: Six.

What director cast himself as the voice of God in 1956's The Ten Commandments?
A: Cecil B. De Mille.

What Beatles movie was untitled until John remembered a line Ringo uttered after an all night recording sessions?
A: A Hard Day's Night.

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