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Very Easy Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Easy free miscellaneous trivia quiz questions with answers


Very Easy Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

  1. Which state is called the Treasure State?
  2. What is the postal abbreviation for Texas?
  3. Which Joe was nicknamed the Yankee Clipper?
  4. William Henry Gates III amassed his fortune from which source?
  5. In Peter Pan, what sort of animal was Nana?
  6. In basketball, where do the Supersonics come from?
  7. Which state is called the Pine Tree State?
  9. What is the postal abbreviation for Pennsylvania?
  10. What is California's state capital?
  11. What is Ohio's largest city?
  12. Which state lies due east of Alabama?
  13. What is the largest of the Southern states?
  14. Which river starts at Lake Itasca Minnesota and flows into the Gulf of Mexico?
  15. What type of creature was the star of the film Jaws?
  16. What was the name of the mansion where Elvis Presley died?
  17. In which country was a 2000 year old, life size terracotta army discovered?
  18. Which was the 50th state to become part of the United States of America?
  19. Which state is called the Great Lake State?
  21. What was the first name of the first man in space?
  22. Where in America was the world's biggest rock festival staged?
  23. What was the world's biggest passenger ship when it was launched in 1912?
  24. What is the capital of the state of Alaska?
  25. In football, where do the Redskins come from?
  26. What does the B stand for in SCUBA diving?
  27. What color is an Oscar?
  28. Which state is called the Bear State?
  29. Who was the 41st President of the USA?
  30. Which Texan Governor was traveling with the Kennedys when JFK was shot?
  31. Who was the first American to walk in space?
  32. Who was the first man to set foot on the moon?
  33. Which brothers made the first powered plane flight?
  35. Which state is called the Panhandle State?
  36. What was Michael Jackson's album follow-up to Thriller?
  37. What is the capital of the state of Virginia?
  38. In Forrest Gump, his mom says, "Life is like a box of " what?
  39. Why  was Mick Dundee nicknamed Crocodile?
  40. Who became the first US President to resign in office?
  41. Where was the second Atom bomb dropped?
  42. Who lost part of his ear to the teeth of Mike Tyson in 1997?
  43. Where was a wall built to divide a city?
  44. Which lake provides Chicago with 20 miles of lake shore?
  45. What is Minneapolis's 'twin city'?
  46. Which part of Florida is famous for its alligators?
  47. Which is the other northern Pacific state along with Washington?
  48. What's the name of the bird that cartoon cat Sylvester chases in vain?

Quiz Question ANSWERS

  1. Montana.
  2. TX.
  3. DiMaggio.
  4. Computer Software.
  5. Dog.
  6. Seattle.
  7. Maine.
  8. PA.
  9. Sacramento.
  10. Columbus.
  11. Georgia.
  13. Florida.
  14. Mississippi.
  15. Shark.
  16. Graceland.
  17. China.
  18. Hawaii.
  19. Michigan.
  20. Yuri.
  21. Woodstock.
  22. Titanic.
  23. Juneau.
  24. Washington.
  25. Breathing.
  26. Gold.
  28. Arkansas.
  29. George H. Bush.
  30. Connolly.
  31. Edward White.
  32. Neil Armstrong.
  33. Wright.
  34. West Virginia.
  35. Bad.
  36. Richmond.
  37. Chocolates.
  38. He survived a crocodile attack.
  39. Richard Nixon.
  41. Nagasaki.
  42. Evander Holyfield.
  43. Berlin.
  44. Michigan.
  45. St. Paul.
  46. Everglades.
  47. Oregon.
  48. Tweety Pie.