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Old Classic TV Show Trivia Questions and Answers

Free fun trivia quiz with answers for seniors about classic TV shows


Classic TV Show Trivia Questions and Answers

Which family featured in the 50s sitcom Father Knows Best?
A: Andersons.

What was the first name of the person the Fugitive was accused of killing?
A: Helen.

What was the name of the LA-based radio show which transferred to TV with Lucille Ball?
A: My Favorite Husband.

Which classic TV series had the catchphrase "Kookie, Kookie lend me your comb?"
A: 77 Sunset Strip.

Who played The Siren in the original /Batman TV series?
A: Joan Collins.

In the 1940s, on what night of the week was the Milton Berle show?
A: Tuesday.


Who was creator / producer of The Beverly Hillbillies?
A: Paul Henning.

Which Gunsmoke actor was a veteran of the Anzio campaign of World War II?
A: James Arness.

In which New York nightclub in I Love Lucy was Ricky Ricardo bandleader and emcee?
A: Tropicana Club.

How as the Ed Sullivan show known when it was premiered on CBS in 1948?
A: Toast of the Town.

On which talent show did Bobby Rydell first find fame?
A: Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club.

Which 90s rerun of a 60s series had the promotion line" It's not stupid... it's surrealism?"
A: Green Acres.


Who was the producer creator of Gilligan's Island?
A: Sherwood Schwartz.

Ed Sullivan was Broadway gossip columnist on which newspaper?
A: New York Daily News.

Which 1968 cop show was the brain child of Aaron Spelling?
A: The Mod Squad.

Which series was based on the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin?
A: The Six Million Dollar Man.

Who hosted The Match Game on its original run on NBC?
A: Gene Rayburn

What actor played the part of Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke?
A: James Arness


Who first asked contestants to "come on down" on The Price Is Right?
A: Johnny Olden.

Who played the theme music on The Dating Game?
A: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.

What was Desi Arnaz's real first name?
A: Desiderio.

Who hosted The Texaco Star Theater in the 1940s?
A: Milton Berle.

What was the name of the cook in Bonanza?
A: Hop Sing.

Which comedy show was originally called You'll Never Get Rich?
A: The Phil Silvers Show.


What was Hanna and Barbera's first TV show?
A: Ruff and Ready.

The central character in Gunsmoke is whom?
A: Lawman Marshal Matt Dillon

Who played Matt Dillon on radio?
A: William Conrad.

On "My Three Sons", what actor played the part of Steve Douglas from 1960 to 1972?
A: Fred MacMurray.

How many episodes where produced?
A: 380 episodes were produced.

When did "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" launch?
A: October 8, 1944 on CBS.


In 1962, it became the first prime-time scripted series on American television to reach what?
A: The 10-year milestone.

What actor played Wally Plumstead on Ozzie and Harriet?
A: Skip Young.

When did "Father Knows Best" make its debut?
A: In October 1954 on CBS.

Set in the Midwest, it starred Robert Young as whom?
A: The General Insurance agent Jim Anderson.

His wife Margaret was first portrayed by whom?
A: June Whitley.

My Three Sons ended its primetime run in the spring of 1972 after how long?
A: 12 years on the air.

On "Gunsmoke" Kitty was played by whom?
A: Georgia Ellis on radio, and by Amanda Blake on TV.

James Arness and Milburn Stone portrayed their Gunsmoke characters for how many consecutive years?
A: 20.


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