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TV  Show Trivia Questions and Answers

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TV  Show Trivia Questions and Answers

In which decade was The Carol Burnett Show finally axed?


A: 1970 s.

What held the record for the most watched program in TV history until the "Who Shot JR?" episode of Dallas?
A: Final episode of The Fugitive.

In which school was Parker Lewis Can't Lose set?
A: Santo Domingo High School.

What was the first sitcom to have a divorced single parent as its main character?
A: One Day At A Time.

In The Flintstones where was Pebbles born?
A: Rockapedic Hospital.

On which book was The Flying Nun based?
A: The Fifteenth Pelican.

In the final Perry Mason case, The Case of the Final Fade Out, who played the judge?
A: Erle Stanley Gardner, Perry Mason's creator.


With which words did Red Skelton finish his weekly comedy show?
A: Goodnight and God bless.

In which country was the 80s series of Mission: Impossible filmed because of a Hollywood writers' strike?
A: Australia.

What was shown during the closing credits of Home Improvements?
A: Bloopers by the cast.

In Emergency what was the profession of Roy DeSoto and John Gage?
A: Ambulance drivers.

Which Dynasty character is 'worth it' in the hair ads?
A: Sammy Jo.

Which musical instrument did the older Smothers Brother play?
A: Guitar.

Cherie Moore and Cheryl Stoppelmoor is better known by which name?
A: Cheryl Ladd.


Which show was based on Poor Orphan by Carolyn Weston?
A: The Streets of San Francisco.

What was the name of the Moonlighting episode which borrowed elements form The Taming of the Shrew?
A: Atomic Shakespeare.

In what year did The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson, begin?
A: 1962.

What was the name of David Carradine's character in Kung Fu?
A: Kwai Chang Caine.

What did the C  stand for in Chips?
A: California.

What were the aliases of Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry in the TV western?
A: Smith & Jones.

Who created the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
A: Haim Saban.


Who first said, "Here comes the judge," before it was made famous by Pigmeat Markham of Rowan and Martin's Laugh In fame?
A: Sammy Davis Jr.

In Banacek, what was Banacek's chauffeur called?
A: Jay Drury.

Which cult series asked, "Who killed Laura Palmer?"
A: Twin Peaks.

What was the name of the nun in The Father Dowling Mysteries?
A:  Sister Steve (Sister Stephanie).

Where did the Hills live in King of the Hill?
A: Arlen, Texas.

The mini-series Helter Skelter was about which real life "family"?
A: Manson.

Who created and was executive producer of Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea?
A: Irwin Allen.


Which Laugh In catchphrase did Richard Nixon say on the show?
A: Sock it to me!

Which 80s mini series was the then most expensive ever made?
A: Shogun.

Which Maverick was played by James Garner?
A: Bret.

What was the name of the detective agency in Moonlighting?
A: Blue Moon.

Who sang the theme song for MacGyver?
A: Randy Edelman.

What type of transport appeared in Blue Thunder?
A: Helicopter.

What was Jim Henson's first puppet series back in 1955?
A: Sam and Friends.

What was the name of Doris Day's son who produced her TV sitcom?
A: Terry Melcher.

What was the surname of Harry O?
A: Orwell.


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