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Easy Music Trivia Questions and Answers

Music Trivia - Easy quiz questions and answers about music, bands, artists and more.


Easy Music Trivia Questions and Answers

Who took on the Red Baron, according to the Royal Guardsmen?
A: Snoopy.

Members of Silver Convention came from America and where else?
A: Germany.

What was the only No 1 for one-hit wonder Alan O' Day?
A: Undercover Angel.

Gangsta's Paradise was a No 1 for who?
A: Puff Daddy.

Who sang with The Family Stone?
A: Sly.

Which 60s group with a No 1 single had Clock as part of their name?
A: The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Which member of Def Leppard died in 1991?
A: Steve Clark.


Who made his stage debut in a 1960 production of The Pajama Game?
A: David Cassidy.

Which group is made up of Gibbs?
A: The Bee Gees.

Which Olivia took Magic to the top of the charts?
A: Olivia Newton-John.

Who was Born A Woman and A Single Girl in the 60s?
A: Sandy Posey.

Who made No 1 with Bruce Springsteen's Blinded By The Light?
A: Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

Good Thing was the second No 1 for which trio?
A: Fine Young Cannibals.

Which color of Velvet gave Alannah Myles a 1990 No 1?
A: Black.


Which musical does Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In come from?
A: Hair.

Who was backed by The Pharaohs?
A: Sam The Sam.

In (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay lyrics, where is the singer from?
A: Georgia.

Who had 50s No 1s with Rag Mop, Sentimental Me and You, You, You?
A: Ames Brothers.

What is Barbra Streisand's middle name?
A: Joan.

In which decade did Elton John have his first solo Top Ten hit single?
A: 70s.

Which band produced the bet-selling album Brothers In Arms?
A: Dire Straits.


Who was backed by His Playboy Band?
A: John Fred.

Who had a hit with Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)?
A: Bill Conti.

What was on the original double A side of Prince's No 1 hit 1999?
A: Little Red Corvette.

Which Starsky and Hutch actor topped the charts?
A: David Soul.

Who went to Surf City with Jan?
A: Dean.

Who had a 60s No 1 with Crimson And Clover?
A: Tommy James & the Shondells.

What was the name of the guest guitarist on Michael Jackson's Dangerous album?
A: Slash.


What is the middle name of Kenny Rogers?
A: Donald.

Who was the original lead singer with The Supremes?
A: Diana Ross.

Sweet Child O'Mine was a big hit for which band?
A: Guns N Roses.

In which year did Neil Diamond have his first top ten hit?
A: 1966.

Which group had the top five singles in the same week in 1964?
A: The Beatles.

Who had the 60s top ten version of Walk Away Renee?
A: The Left Banke.


Who was he first British female to win a Grammy award?
A: Petula Clark.

How many people were in the original Queen?
A: Four.

Who was a Father Figure in the charts?
A: George Michael.

Who made a tribute to Sir Duke?
A: Stevie Wonder.

In which country was Celine Deion born?
A: Canada.


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