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Very Easy Trivia Questions With Answers - Fun Miscellaneous Trivia Questions

Easy trivia questions - State abbreviations, members of bands, state capitols, animals, Jack Lemmon, and more.


Very Easy Trivia Questions With Answers - Fun Miscellaneous Trivia Questions

Which Reba McIntyre song shares its name with the Little capital of Arkansas?
A: Little Rock.

Alicia Christian Foster is better known by which first name?
A: Jodie.

Which country has the most radio stations?

What type of tragedy blighted Omagh, Northern Ireland, in 1998?
A: Terrorist bomb.

Which sport did Fred Perry take after becoming world champion at table tennis?
A: Tennis.

Glenn Frey and Don Henley were members of which band?
A: The Eagles.

Which state is called the Empire State?
A: New York.


What is the postal abbreviation for Kentucky?
A: KY.

In which ocean is the California current?
A: Pacific.

Logan international airport is in which US state?
A: Massachusetts.

Which Jack starred in The Odd Couple?
A: Lemmon.

Margarete Steiff made what kind of toy creature?
A: Bears.

In which country did The Flying Doctor usually do his rounds?
A: Australia.

What sort of creature appeared in Free Willy?
A: Whale.


In football, where do the Falcons come from?
A: Atlanta.

Which state is called the Coyote State?
A: South Dakota.

Which state is called the gem state?
A: Idaho.

What's the first name of Frank Sinatra's elder daughter?
A: Nancy.

Which Michael starred in Hannah and Her Sisters?
A: Caine.

In which state is the Mojave desert?
A: Nevada.

The New York Stock Exchange was established on which street?
A: Wall Street.


In which country did rap originate?

Suzanne Lenglen was a champion in which sport?
A: Tennis.

Who had a 60s No 1 with Honey?
A: Bobby Goldsboro.

Both father and daughter of the Bhutto family have been prime minister of which country?
A: Pakistan.

In which country is Archangel airport?
A: Russia.

Whose name followed Dirty in a 1980's No 1 for Michael Jackson?
A: Diana.

Which sage musical was set in the Paris Opera House?
A: The Phantom of the Opera.


Mount St. Helens is in which state?
A: Washington.

Which state is called the Gopher State?
A: Minnesota.

Mark Knopfler is associated with which musical instrument?
A: Guitar.

Which British band recorded Another Brick In the Wall?
A: Pink Floyd.

What is the postal abbreviation for Oklahoma?
A: OK.

Which horror movie actor was quite literally a Pratt from birth?
A: Boris Karloff.

Dian Fossey found fame working with which animals?
A: Gorillas.


Who made a 50s album called A Twist of Lemmon?
A: Jack Lemmon.

In 1970 Germaine Greer produced the feminist book The Female What?
A: Eunuch.

Chernobyl witnessed a disaster at what type of power station?
A: Nuclear power.

Who did Mariah Carey sing with on Endless Love?
A: Luther Vandross.

Which Ann starred in The Graduate?
A: Bancroft.

Which group had a 90s hit with How Do You Talk To An Angel?
A: The Heights.

What is the capitol of Wyoming?
A: Cheyenne.

What type of Love Songs did Wings sing about?
A: Silly.

In football, where do the Saints come from?
A: New Orleans.

Which cartoon character says "Dagnabit"?
A: Deputy Dawg.

What type of days went with Mondays for the carpenters?
A: Rainy Days.