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Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About Famous People

Free trivia questions with answers about famous people.


Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About Famous People

Richard Gere won a scholarship to what University in Gymnastics?
A: University of Massachusetts.

Which boys had an 1980s No 1 with West End Girls?
A: Pet Shop Boys.

Presidential hopeful Gary Hart withdrew from his election campaign after reports of events on the yacht named what?
A: Monkey Business.   

What was buffalo Bill's real name?
A: William Cody.

What was Bette Davis's real name?
A: Ruth Elizabeth Davis.

What type of dance was Rudolf Nureyev famous for?
A: Ballet.

Rod Stewart had his first No 1 in the 70s with what song?
A: Maggie May.


Madonna led what world tour of 1990?
A: Blonde Ambition.

What royal led the campaign against the use of land mines?
A: Princess Diana.

At the end of the 1999 French Open who stormed off court and had to have her mother coax her back? A: Martina Hingis.

Which US President George was The US's youngest ever pilot in WWII became which President George?
A: Bush.

The musical, Annie Get Your Gun, was based on what wild west star?
A: Annie Oakley.

Revolutionary Che Guevara was from which South American country?
A: Argentina.

Who sang with the Union Gap?
A: Gary Puckett.


What is Bill Clinton's middle name?
A: Jefferson.

Who invented the electric battery in 1902?
A: Thomas Edison.

Michael Jackson has been both Bad and what?
 A. Dangerous

What tennis star won the first Grand Slam Cup in 1990?
A: Pete Sampras.

Which artist was in the Top 40 for over a year with the song "You Were Meant For Me"?
A: Jewel.

Composer Leonard Bernstein was the musical director of what from 1958 to 1970?
 A: New York Philharmonic.


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