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Trivia Questions About Beer and Wine

Trivia quiz questions with the answers about wine and beer.


Trivia Questions About Beer and Wine

What country drinks the most beer?
A: Germany

In Europe, coffee was known as what?
A:  Arabian Wine

In second place behind California, what state makes the most wine?
A:  New York

Castle beer is produced in what country ?
A:  South Africa

An Enologist studies what?
A:  Wine

What lager "reached the parts other beers could not reach"?
A:  Heineken


In which nation did the word plonk, meaning wine, originally come from?
A:  Australia

Kloster beer is brewed where?
A: Thailand

Which desert wine is a normal ingredient of zabaglione?
A:  Marsala

What does beer have that ale does not?
A:  Hops  

What is a Romeo's Rouser?
A: It is an ale.

Sukhindol wine is made in what country?
A: Bulgaria

Where is Tiger beer brewed?
A:  Singapore


There are 33 words on the back of a bottle of what brand of beer ?
A: Rolling Rock

What country produces Bulls Blood wine ?
A: Hungary

In Hawaiian it's Pia, in Polish its Piwo and in Hungarian its Sor.  What is it?
A: Beer

What were Falerian, Setine, Alban  and Sorrentine  in Roman times?
A:  Wine growing  regions

What gives root beer its flavor?
A:   Sarsaparilla

There are how many gallons in a what Puncheon wine barrel?
A:  83