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Murder Trivia Questions and Answers

Free murder trivia quiz questions with answers


Murder Trivia Questions and Answers

In 1439 in England,  what was made illegal?
A:  Kissing

What was the world's first televised murder?
A:  Ruby killing Oswald

In 1788 ships known as "The First Fleet" transported what to Australia?
A: Convicts

Escaping convicts used to drop what to throw dogs off the scent?
A:  Red Herrings

In the United States, on January 1,  you have the greatest risk of being what?
A:  Murdered

Between 1659 and 1681 it was illegal to celebrate what in Massachusetts?
A:  Christmas

What was the name of the painter who spent the last 4 years of his life on the run for murder?
A:  Carravagio for murder in Rome


Who was the detective in "My gun is Quick, Murder is my Business"?
A:  Mike Hammer – Mickey Spillane

How did Joy Friedericke Victoria Adamson die in 1985?
A: Murdered in Kenya

In Czarist Russia, it was illegal to do what?
A:  Smoke

In Minnesota it is illegal to wear what in bed?
A:  Nothing,  i.e. be naked

At  California's Disneyland, what was experienced for the first time in March 1981?
A:  Murder

What was the punishment in Ancient Rome for water pollution?
A:  100 lashes

Charles Brooks in 1982 was the first person to experience what?
A: Death by lethal Injection

In Globe Arizona it's illegal to play cards in the street with who?
A:  American Indians

It is illegal to pawn what in Las Vegas?
A: Your Dentures

In Cheyenne Wyoming it's illegal to do what on a Wednesday?
A:  Take a shower

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