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US History Trivia Questions And Answers

Trivia quiz questions about US history.


US History Trivia Questions And Answers

What was Blondie's name before she married Dagwood?
A:  Boopadoop.

Who was the Indian chief who rode in Roosevelt's inaugural procession?
A: Geronimo.

Elmo Lincoln was the screens first what in 1918?
A:  Tarzan.

According to one estimate, Benjamin Franklin had 24 what?
A:  Bastards – Illegitimate children.

Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
A: Francis Scott-key.

In 1976 what show appeared on TV for the first time?
A:  Charlie Angels.

In the TV series Gun Smoke, what was the name of the saloon?
A:  Longbranch.


American Paul Theroux wrote novels and what other subject?
A:  Travel.

 What was John Young, on a Gemini 3 mission, in 1968 the first to do in space?
A:  Eat a hamburger.

What was the first sport to be filmed?
A:  Boxing by Thomas Edison in 1894.

Which Hollywood star has made the cover of Life magazine the most times?
A:  Elizabeth Taylor (11 times).

On the old TV cop series "Dragnet", who was the star?
A:  Sergeant Joe Friday.

What  was the name of the first American to make $ 100 million a year?
A:  Al Capone.

In 1949, Popular Mechanics said that in the future what could weigh less 1.5 tons?
A: Computers


In what way was President James Buchanan different from all previous ones?
A: Bachelor.

How did Buffalo Bill stick to one glass whiskey a day?
A: He used a one quart glass.

Who was "The Little Playful One"?
A:  Pocahontas.

Who was the first President to serve ice cream at a state dinner ?
A: Thomas Jefferson.

George Washington soaked his wooden teeth in what for taste?
A:  Port.

In 1998, what was voted the best monopoly piece?
A:  The Car.

Who appeared on the first US postage stamp?
A:  Washington - Franklin


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