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Bill Cosby Trivia Questions and Answers

Bill Cosby trivia quiz questions with answers.


Bill Cosby Trivia Questions and Answers

When was Bill Cosby born?
A: July 12, 1937.

Where did Bill Cosby get his start in stand-up comedy?
A:  At the Hungry I in San Francisco and various other clubs.

Cosby landed a starring role in what 1960s hit action show?
A:  I Spy.

What is Bill Cosby’s father’s name?
A: William Henry Cosby Sr.

Bill was one of the major performers on what children's television series?
A:  The Electric Company.

Bill Cosby was the captain of what athletic teams at Mary Channing Wister Public School in Philadelphia?
A: The baseball team and the track and field team.

What spin-off sitcom show did Bill Cosby produce?
A: A Different World.


What educational cartoon comedy series about a group of young friends growing up in the city was created by Bill Cosby?
A: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

In what city was Bill Cosby raised?
A: In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 1972, what did Mr. Cosby receive from the University of Massachusetts Amherst?
A: An MA.

How many seasons did The Cosby Show air?
A: Eight seasons from 1984 to 1992.

The Cosby Show was the number one show in America for how many straight years?
A:  Five straight years (1985–89).

How many seasons did Bill host “Kids Say the Darndest Things"?
A:  For two seasons.

In the summer of 1963, Bill received national exposure on what TV program?
A:  NBC's The Tonight Show.


In 1976, Cosby earned a Doctor of Education degree from what university?
A: University of Massachusetts Amherst.

How many brothers does Bill Cosby have?
A: Three.

 What is Bill Cosby’s mother name?
A: Anna Pearl.

Cosby’s teachers noted his propensity for what, rather than studying?
A: Clowning around.

What grade in high school did Bill Cosby fail?
A: The tenth grade.

After failing the tenth grade he got a job as an apprentice at a what?
A: A shoe repair shop.

Which branch of the military did Bill Cosby serve in?
A: The Navy.


The Cosby Show is one of only three American programs that have been #1 in the Nielsen ratings for how many consecutive seasons?
A:  Five.

Cosby won a track and field scholarship to what school in 1961?
A:  Philadelphia's Temple University in 1961–62.

Cosby lined up standup jobs at clubs in Philadelphia and soon was off to New York City, where he appeared where starting in 1962?
A: The Gaslight Café.

This led to a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records, who, in 1964, released his debut LP with what title?
A: Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow...Right!.

On November 23, 2013, Bill Cosby performed his first what in 30 years?
A: TV standup special.

Cosby was honored with three consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for what TV show?
A: I Spy.

Bill Cosby appeared as a regular guest host on what late night TV show?
A:  The Tonight Show.

In 1969 he introduced another TV show, The Bill Cosby Show, a situation comedy that ran for how many seasons?
A: Two.

Cosby's biggest television success came in 1984 with the debut of The Cosby Show which aired weekly on NBC and went on to become the what?
A: The highest ranking sitcom of all time.

After four seasons, The Cosby Show was canceled and its last episode aired on what date?
A: April 28, 2000.


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