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Paul Revere and the Raiders Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Paul Revere and the Raiders trivia questions with answers.


Paul Revere and the Raiders Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Who were Paul Revere & the Raiders?
A: They were an American rock band.

Paul Revere & the Raiders saw considerable U.S. success in the second half of the what?
A:  1960s and early 1970s.

In his early 20s, where did Paul Revere own several restaurants?
A: In Caldwell, Idaho.

Paul first met singer Mark Lindsay while picking up what?
A: Hamburger buns from the bakery where Lindsay worked.

When did Lindsay join Revere's band?
A: In 1958.

What was the band originally called?
A: The Downbeats.

They changed their name to Paul Revere & the Raiders in what year?
A: 1960 on the eve of their first record release for Gardena Records.


The band garnered their first hit in the Pacific Northwest in 1961, with what instrumental ?
A: "Like, Long Hair".

The record peaked at what number on the Billboard chart on April 17, 1961?
A: No. 38.

What did Paul become when he was drafted for military service?
A: He became a conscientious objector.

What did Paul do for a year and a half of deferred service?
A: He worked as a cook at a mental institution.

By summer 1962, Revere and Lindsay were working together again in Oregon with a version of the Raiders that featured who?
A:  Mike "Smitty" Smith, a drummer.

KISN DJ Roger Hart, who was producing teen dances, hired the band for one of his what?
A: Teen dances.

Shortly after that Hart became the group's what?
A: Personal manager.


It was Hart who suggested they record what song?
A:  "Louie Louie".

In 1965, the Raiders began recording a string of what?
A: Garage rock classics.

What was the name of the group’s first major national hit?
A: "Just Like Me".

It was one of the first rock records to feature a distinctive, double-tracked guitar solo, performed by whom?
A: Guitarist Drake Levin.

The band regularly appeared on national television, most notably on what three shows?
A:  Where the Action Is, Happening '68, and It's Happening.

When Levin left the group in 1966 to join the National Guard he was replaced by whom?
A:  Jim Valley.

Of these, "Kicks" became their what?
A: Best-known song.


In mid-1967, Paul Revere & the Raiders were Columbia's what?
A: Top-selling rock group.

When did the Raiders make their one and only appearance on the Ed Sullivan show?
A: On April 30, 1967.

Changing tastes in the late 1960s rendered the Raiders what?
A: Unfashionable.

On January 6, 1968, Revere and Lindsay returned to the air as hosts of what new Dick Clark-produced show?
A:  Happening '68 (later shortened to Happening).

In August 1968, who left the group again and was replaced by former Action heartthrob Keith Allison?
A: Bassist Coe.


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