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Places Trivia Questions

Free places trivia questions about places and locations


Places Trivia Questions

What Memphis mansion was opened to the public in 1982?
A: Graceland.

What U.S. state gave the world Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Mahalia Jackson and Jelly Roll Morton?
A: Louisiana.

What country is central to the books Out of Africa and The Green Hills of Africa?
A: Kenya.

What country boasts the world's highest paid national legislators?
A: The U.S..

What southwestern U.S. state adopted the bola tie as its official state neckwear?
A: Arizona.

What $325 million chateau was finished for Louis XIV of France in 1682?
A: Versailles.

What southeastern state boasts the cities of Frog Jump, Only, and Sweet Lips?

A: Tennessee.

What Mississippi town name provides the answer to the Arizona town of Why?
A: Why Not.

What European country sells an amazing 550 million one-pound cans of Heinz Baked Beans, or ten per citizen, each year?
A: Britain.

What eastern town is home for a service academy and the U.S. Silver Depository?
A: West Point.

What ancient African country did the Greeks name for the "sun burnt faces" of its natives.
A: Ethiopia.

What's the only remaining European territory on the South American continent?
A: French Guiana.

What nation of over 7,000 islands has two-thirds of its population living on Luzon and Mindanao?
A: The Philippines.


What country receives 26 percent of all Saudi Exports?
A: The U.S..

What Massachusetts spot is hyped as " America's Hometown"?
A: Plymouth.

What biblical place name means "pleasure"?
A: Eden.

What preceded Tokyo as the capital of Japan?
A: Kyoto.

What nation boasts the cities of Go Cong, Play Cu, Dong Ha and Ha Dong?
A: Vietnam.

What two U.S. cities have the same name, are the largest cities in their states, but are not state capitals?
A: Portland, Oregon, and Portland, Maine.


What U.S. state was named after chaste Queen Elizabeth I?
A: Virginia.

What Southwestern state are you standing in if you ring a doorbell in Ding Dong?
A: Texas.

What continent is Greenland a part of?
A: North America.

What southern U.S. state boasts the town of Satellite Beach?
A: Florida.

What country was created in 1920 from the remains of the Hapsburg Empire?
A: Austria.

What do Southerners call ground hominy with the germ removed?
A: Grits.


What Arab nation has the highest percentage of Christians?
A: Lebanon.

What U.S. state gets raked by the most tornadoes annually?
A: Texas.

What city does the Bible call the City of David.
A: Jerusalem.

What two U.S. states went to court in 1996 over ownership of historic Ellis Island?
A: New York and New Jersey.

What ice cream factory is the number one tourist attraction in Vermont?
A: Ben & Jerry's.


What Nebraska city outlawed burping in churches?
A: Omaha.

Which city is farthest west - San Diego, Reno, or Los Angeles.
A: Reno.

What island calls itself the Republic of China?
A: Taiwan.

What's the only state whose official state song was composed for a Broadway musical?
A: Oklahoma.

What outfit is known as the Red Crescent in Muslim nations?
A: The Red Cross.




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