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Free Old TV Trivia Quiz and Answers For Seniors

Free old TV show quiz questions and answers.


Free Old TV Trivia Quiz and Answers For Seniors

What was Kojak's first name?
A: Theo.

Which role did Richard Chamberlain play in The Thornbirds?
A: Ralph De Bricassart.

Who was the hero of the cop series Highway Patrol?
A: Dan Matthews.

What was the name of the boss in Taxi?
A: Louie De Palma.

ABC cancelled Get Smart after what was blown up in an episode?
A: Statue of Liberty.

Who played the Spencer Tracy film role in the TV sitcom Adam's Rib?
A: Ken Howard.

What was the name of the detective in the 70s series
A: Dan Tanna.


Which song did Richard Chamberlain record to the Dr. Kildare theme?
A: Three Stars Will Shine Tonight.

Who played the title role in Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in the 1981 TV movie?
A: Jaclyn Smith.

On whose comedy show did The Simpsons first appear?
A: Tracy Ullman.

On which family from where was the partridge Family based?
A: The Cowshill, of Rhode Island.

Who played the Bing Crosby role in the TV version of Going My way?
A: Gene Kelly.

What was frank Serpicos' badge number?
A: 21049.

What was the name of the Brooklyn bus driver created by Jackie Gleason on his Cavalcade of Stars Show?
A: Ralph Kramden.


Who was the cop hero of Dragnet?
A: Joe Friday.

In the Banana Splits, what sort of animal was Drooper?
A: Lion.

In Mork and Mindy, what was Mindy's last name?
A: McConnell.

Who headed the Children's Television Workshop which pioneered Sesame Street?
A: Joan Ganz Cooney.

In Sledge Hammer, what did the Inspector have on his car sticker?
A: I Love Violence.

What was the music for Dragnet and who wrote it?
A: Danger Ahead by Walter Schuman.

How many Monkees were there?
A: Four.


Roger Davis took on the role of Hannibal Heyes in Alias smith & Jones after previously contributing to the show in which way?
A: Narrator.

In Fantasy Island what was Mr. Roarke's first assistant called?
A: Tattoo.

In Baywatch, what was Mitch Bucannon's son called?
A: Hobie.

Which production company was set up by Lee Rich and Merv Adelson?
A: Lorimar.

Who was the voice of Choo Choo in Top Cat?
A: Marvin Kaplan.

Which series was shown in Norway as "Salaiset Kansiot?
A:   The X Files.

In which series did Ed Asner play grumpy news editor Lou  Grant?
A: The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


Which series about a private eye was a spin-off from Cannon?
A: Barnaby Jones.

Hogan's Heroes was set during which conflict?

In The Banana Splits, what sort of animal was Bingo?
A: Gorilla.

Which star of The Creature From The Black Lagoon trained dolphins for the series Flipper?
A: Ricou Browning.

What was the first US sitcom exported to Britain?
A: Amos 'N' Andy.

What was the name of the law firm in LA Law?
A: McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak.


In what year did Star Trek's voyages begin on screen?
A: 1966.

Who led The A Team?
A: Hannibal Smith.

Which was the first network to broadcast all its programs in color?

Who made the cartoon versions of Laverne & Shirley?
A: Hanna & Barbera.

What were the names of the two main police officers in the first series of Adam 12?
A: Reed & Malloy.


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