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Fun Easy Trivia Questions With Answers

Fun easy trivia questions and answers about a variety of topics


Fun Easy Trivia Questions With Answers

In which US state is the only major military academy founded this century?
A: Colorado USAF.

What is the postal abbreviation for California?
A: CA.

With which sport is Shaquille O'Neal associated?
A: Basketball.

Who declared, "The lady's not for turning"?
A: Margaret Thatcher.

Who had a 90s No 1 hit with Always Be My Baby?
A: Mariah Carey.

What was Georges that left a trail of destruction in Florida in 1998?
A: Hurricane.

What is the capital of the state of Connecticut?
A: Hartford.


Which machine's name comes from some letters in the words 'general purpose'?
A: Jeep.

A 1997 phenomenon, Hale-Bop was a type of what?
A: Comet.

The Louise Woodward affair was tried in which country?
A: United States.

Which John traveled in space over 35 years after his first flight?
A: Glenn.

Which Jane starred in Klute and Nine To Five?
A: Fonda.

How is Ann-Margret Olsson better known?
A: Ann-Margret.

In Notting Hill what does the Hugh Grant character deal in?
A: Books.


In the 90s film, who played G I Jane?
A: Demi Moore.

In which decade of the 20th century was Kevin Costner born?
A: 1950s.

Which Nilsson classic was Mariah Carey's first UK No 1?
A: Without You.

Henry Ford claimed that, "History is..." what?
A: Bunk.

What was Elvis Presley's daughter called?
A: Lisa Marie.

Circle of Life came from which film?
A: The Lion King.

In its early days, what was offered for sale" in any color as long as it's black"?
A: Motor car.


In a movie title Elvis Presley said Viva to where?
A: Las Vegas.

Who was In Charge in the title of the sitcom?
A: Charles.

Johnny Cash recorded a number of live albums at what unusual institutions?
A: Prisons.

Which Buzz appeared in Toy Story?
A: Lightyear.

What is the postal abbreviation for Minnesota?
A: MN.

In which 20th-century decade were Barbie dolls first made?
A: 50s.

In which country is Ciampino airport?
A: Italy.


Which world heavyweight boxing champion was jailed in the 90s?
A: Mike Tyson.

Rupert Murdoch comes from which country?
A: Australia.

Ursula Andrews was the Bond girl in which movie?
A: Dr. No.

The sale of what was prohibited in America during prohibition?
A: Alcohol.

Which Russian leader had a pronounced birth mark on his forehead?
A: Gorbachev.

What is the postal abbreviation for Tennessee?
A: TN.

Which Tim co-wrote the musical Chess?
A: Rice.


Which Landings were the subject of Saving Private Ryan?
A: D Day.

Chancellor Helmut Kohl led which country in the 80s and 90s?
A: Germany.

In February 1996 the Princess of Wales agreed to Prince Charles' request for what?
A: Divorce.

Who or what was Piper Alpha?
A: An oil rig.

Which spinach-eating sailor has Robin Williams played on the film?
A: Popeye.

Which John was the  star of the film Grease?
A: Travolta.


In the 90s which European country had a King Albert?
A: Belgium.

What is the postal abbreviation for Iowa?
A: IA.

Which member of her staff did Celine Dion marry in 1994?
A: Manager.

Burt Lancaster enlisted in the American Fifth Army after which event?
A: Pearl Harbor.

What is the postal abbreviation for Mississippi?
A: MS.

Who sang I will Always Love You in her film, The Bodyguard?
A: Whitney Houston.