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Easy Trivia Questions and Answers - States, Countries, People and More

Easy miscellaneous Trivia including topics like stage musicals, theater, movies, actresses, songwriters, and more.


Easy Trivia Questions and Answers - States, Countries, People and More

The 90s Good Friday Agreement sought peace in which country?
A: N. Ireland.

What followed Home in the title of the sitcom with over 160 episodes?
A: Improvement.

A Tony is an award for entertainment where?
A: Theater.

Which President was in office for most of the 1920s?
A: Calvin Coolidge.

Who became the world's first billionaire in 1916?
A: John D Rockefeller.

Which stage musical does the song Memory come from?
A: Cats.

Where did the Boeing 707 make its maiden flight from?
A: Seattle.


Which state is called the Green Mountain State?
A: Vermont.

In which country was Karl Marx born?
A: Germany.

With which sport is Herbie Hide associated?
A: Boxing.

In the rock'n'roll song, what is said before Miss Molly?
A: Good Golly.

Which company made the Lion King CD ROM?
A: Disney.

Which Irish name is Ryan O' Neal's real first name?
A: Patrick.

Which Yuri made the first human journey into space?
A: Gagarin.


Which state is called the Magnolia State?
A: Mississippi.

Which Michael had a No 1 with How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?
A: Bolton.

What was the name of Michael Jackson's famous chimpanzee companion?
A: Bubbles.

In the 60s, in which Asian country did a Cultural Revolution take place?
A: China.

Which state is called the Bluegrass State?
A: Kentucky.

In football what position is S?
A: Safety.

Which London theater takes its name from the Mermaid Tavern where writers met in Shakespeare's time?
A: Mermaid.


How is Shirley Beaty better known?
A: Shirley Maclaine.

What type of lover gave Mariah Carey a chart No 1 in 1993?
A: Dreamlover.

Which part of the brilliant Albert Einstein was preserved after his death?
A: Brain.

What was the favorite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
A: Pizza.

According to Nancy Sinatra what are boots made for?
A: Walkin'.

Key West airport was built in which US state?
A: Florida.

Which Duck & Bunny were created by Tex Avery?
A: Daffy & Bugs.


In fiction and film what is the first name of female FBI agent Starling?
A: Clarice.

Which city has a team of bulls and a team of Bears?
A: Chicago.

What comes before "Rattle and roll in a Bill Haley hit title?
A: Shake.

The first modern cassette was produced in which decade?
A: 40s.

Which Mark starred in Star Wars?
A: Hamill.

Which playwright Noel, whose centenary was celebrated in 1999, wrote Hay Fever and Private Lives which were revived in London that year?
A: Coward.

San Diego is in which state?
A: California.


What's Love Got To Do With It? was a film about which female singer?
A: Tina Turner.

How was Argentinean revolutionary Ernesto Guevara de la Serna better known?
A: Che Guevara.

How is Radio Direction and Ranging better known?

What was the name of the musical about rock legend Buddy Holly?
A: Buddy.

What sort of Strangers were the subject of a sitcom of 150 + episodes?
A: Perfect.

In which city did Gone With The Wind have its premiere?
A: Atlanta.

Which Big named vocalist died with Buddy Holly?
A: Bopper.

In which state did skateboards originate as an alternative to surfing?
A: California.

Which Lillie was the mistress of Edward VII?
A: Langtry.

Who teamed up with Hanna to form a studio producing cartoon films?
A: Barbera.