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Everly Brothers Trivia Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions about the rock band The Everly Brothers


Everly Brothers Trivia Questions With Answers

Who were The Everly Brothers?
A: They were American country-influenced rock and roll singers.

What were the Everly Brothers known for ?
A: Steel-string guitar and close harmony singing.

When was Isaac Donald "Don" Everly born?
A: February 1, 1937.

When was Phillip "Phil" Everly born?
A: (January 19, 1939.

Where was Don Everly born?
A: In Brownie, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

Where was Phil Everly born?
A: In Chicago, Illinois.

Who were their parents?
A: Isaac Milford "Ike" Everly, Jr., a guitar-player, and Margaret Embry Everly.


Where did the Everly brothers spend most of their childhood?
A: In Shenandoah, Iowa.

Where did they begin attending elementary school?
A: Longfellow Elementary School in Waterloo, Iowa.

Ike Everly had a show on KMA and KFNF in Shenandoah in the mid-1940s, first with his wife, and then with whom?
A: His sons.

Who did the brothers sing on the radio as?
A:  "Little Donnie and Baby Boy Phil."

The family sang as what?
A:  Everly Family.

Ike, with guitarists Merle Travis, Mose Rager, and Kennedy Jones, was honored in 1992 by construction of the what?
A: Four Legends Fountain in Drakesboro, Kentucky.

Where did the family move to in 1953?
A: Knoxville, Tennessee.


What high school did the brothers attend?
A:  West High School.

In 1955, the family moved to where?
A:  Madison, Tennessee.

Don had graduated from high school in what year?
A: 1955.

Phil graduated from Peabody Demonstration School in Nashville in what year?
A: 1957.

While in Knoxville, the brothers caught the attention of what family friend?
A: Chet Atkins, manager of RCA Victor's studio in Nashville.

 The brothers became a duo and moved to where?
A:  Nashville.

Who did Atkins introduced the brothers to?
A: Wesley Rose of Acuff-Rose, music publishers.


What did Rose tell them he would do if they signed to Acuff-Rose as songwriters?
A: Get them a recording deal.

They signed in late 1956, and in 1957 Rose introduced them to whom?
A: Archie Bleyer.

Archie Bleyer was looking for artists for his what?
A: Cadence label.

The Everlys signed and made recording  when?
A: In February 1957.

 Their single, "Bye Bye Love," had been rejected by how many other acts?
A: 30.

Their recording reached what number on the pop charts behind Elvis Presley's "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear"?
A: No. 2.

Bye Bye Love also reached what on the R&B charts?
A: No. 5.


The song became the Everly Brothers' first what?
A: Million-seller.

What were the Everly Brothers four biggest hits?
A: "Wake Up Little Susie", "All I Have to Do Is Dream", "Bird Dog", and "Problems".

Who did the brothers tour with in 1957 and 1958?
A: Buddy Holly.

After three years on Cadence, the Everlys signed with what label?
A: Warner Bros. Records in 1960.

Their first hit for Warner Brothers, 1960's "Cathy's Clown" sold how many?
A: Eight million.

The brothers never stopped working as a duo but their last United States Top Ten hit was 1962's what?
A: "That's Old Fashioned".

Of 27 singles on Warner Brothers from 1963 through 1970, how many made the Hot 100?
A: Three.