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Free Old Movie Trivia Questions and Answers For Seniors and The Elderly

Free fun old movie trivia questions and answers to jog the memory of Seniors


Free Old Movie Trivia Questions and Answers For Seniors and The Elderly

What Michael Cimino box office bomb did one critic describe as "Gone With the Wind -- without the wind"?
A: Heaven's Gate.

What movie's signature line was: "I'll be back"?
A: The Terminator's.

Who got an Oscar for incessantly exclaiming "Hoo-ah"?
A: Al Pacino.

What comic twosome split in 1956, ten years after teaming up in Atlantic City?
A: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

What Jerry Lewis movie was a twisted take on the Jekyll and Hyde story?
A: The Nutty Professor.

What's the first word uttered in Citizen Kane?
A: Rosebud.


Who has starred in movies by Francis Ford Coppola, Brian De Palma, Sergio Leone and Martin Scorsese?
A: Robert De Niro.

What brand of underwear does Marty McFly wear in Back to the Future?
A: Calvin Klein.

What movie pairs Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas as lovers?
A: Philadelphia.

How many Grammy nominations were totaled by the classic LPs Tommy, Layla, What's Goin' On and Blonde on Blonde?
A: Zero.

What three-word line is indispensable to Cary Grant impersonators?
A: "Judy, Judy, Judy".

Who was the voice behind Woody, the cowboy doll in Toy Story?
A: Tom Hanks.


What screen character learned to say "la-dee-dah" growing up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin?
A: Annie Hall.

What 1970 movie has Ali MacGraw emote: "I want you to be a merry widower"?
A: Love Story.

What screen character did Peter Sellers begin playing after Peter Ustinov declined the job?
A: Inspector Clouseau.

What actress scored a record 12 Oscar nominations, winning first for the year 1933 and last for 1981?
A: Katharine Hepburn.

What George Lucas film, made for $750,000 is considered the most profitable movie in Hollywood history?
A: American Graffiti.

What movie sees Mike Myers claim: "Led Zeppelin didn't write songs everyone liked.  They left that to the Bee Gees"?
A :Wayne's World.


What movie has Jack Nicholson yell at Tom Cruise: "You can't handle the truth"?
A: A Few Good Men.

What director earned a bronze Star and a purple Heart during his tour of duty in Vietnam?
A Oliver Stone.

What twosome starred in Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino?
A : Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

What jungle hero said: "I want you. I am yours. You are mine"?
A: Tarzan.

Who was the first to take home a Best Actor Oscar for a musical, in 1943?
A: James  Cagney.

Who wrote the line: "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse"?
A: Mario Puzo.

What Spike Lee movie was marketed with baseball caps bearing just one letter?
A: Malcom X.

Who did Burt Reynolds develop a hankerin' for on the set of Smokey and the Bandit?
A: Sally Field.




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